About Us

Dr David Mickel MBChB MRCGP- Founder and Director

David qualified as a Medical Doctor in 1992 before going on to specialise in General Practice in 1996. He developed an interest in CFS/ME and Fibromyalgia during this time and became frustrated by the lack of success of conventional and alternative treatments for the conditions. He spent a number of years researching and experimenting with a variety of approaches and methods until he finally developed the process of treatment now known as Mickel Therapy®. He founded the organisation Mickel Health Initiatives Ltd with the aim of offering high quality treatment and education in the theories and processes that he and the team have developed and evolved over recent years. He currently provides a private therapy service in Elgin treating CFS/ME and Fibromyalgia, IBS and other ‘Energy Disorders’ such as IBS, Anxiety and Depression as physical conditions. Dr Mickel works part-time in General Practice and as an Emergency Medical Practitioner in his local hospital A&E department as well as doing distance Mickel Therapy by phone and Skype.

He travels internationally to provide training, seminars and workshops.

Dr Mickel can be contacted through info@mickeltherapy.com via Director Julia McNeill.





Julia McNeill – Acting Managing Director

Julia was brought up in Alness, but is now living in Inverness Scotland. Julia is a creative person and has always enjoyed working with the public. At one time she was a partner in a small business venture.

Julia was a client of Dr Mickel and received treatment from him. Dr Mickel recognised that she was a self motivated person and had excellent people skills, and so he asked her to come and work for his company.

Julia has been working for the company since 2005 in an administrative role, In 2007 she was made Chief Administrator , in 2011 was promoted to General Manager and in 2012 became a Director of the company.

Julia is an integral part of the company as her role is essential for the day to day running of the company. Julia ensures all enquiries are answered. She is also involved in making changes to the website, overseeing  the accounts and organising and co-ordinating training events ect.

Julia says that she loves her role in the company as she gets so see every aspect of Mickel Therapy as she has interaction and involvement with every level of the company, from discussions with the founder of the company Dr Mickel, the board of directors, the supervisors, the therapists and the public.

She is regularly involved in discussions with Dr Mickel and the board of directors, as she will be used to implement their plans for the company. Also as she is in regular contact with all therapists and with the public, she is able to hear both  commendations we receive and the concerns people have, as a result she is well qualified give suggestions that will make a real difference for everyone involved with Mickel  Therapy.

She also has regular contact with the therapists. Part of that role is to keep everyone informed with what is happening within the company. Therapists do have direct contact with their supervisor, however she is used to co-ordinate supervision training events.

For Many people Julia will be their first contact with Mickel Health Initiatives. As Julia is a people person and is happiest when she is talking, she really enjoys this part of her role. She is happy to listen & talk to anyone who calls. She is able to discuss Mickel therapy and how it would help their lives, also address any concerns they may have. Many of the questions and concerns raised were things Julia felt prior to having treatment with Dr Mickel, so she can be empathetic in this regard. After these discussions she will put clients in contact with their local therapist for them to begin their treatment.

Julia McNeill can be contacted atjuliam@mickeltherapy.com

Clare Caldwell – Clinical Director

Head Practitioner and Head of Training

Clare Caldwell has extensive experience as an Advanced Mickel Practitioner. She also works as a distance practitioner providing the therapy by phone email and skype.

Clare Caldwell lives in the Highlands of Scotland.

It was the nature of the area she covers that led her to become a distance practitioner. So many of the clients she saw were unable to travel the huge distances to Inverness from the north of Scotland and the Islands that she quickly realised there was a need to provide the therapy in this way. She also worked for many years as a volunteer on a telephone helpline which gave her the unique experience to prepare her to provide the therapy in this way.

Clare has found that the therapy is just as successful by phone and email as in face to face sessions. Many clients even prefer the therapy delivered in this way

Clare qualified in Institutional Management in 1979 at the University of North London and worked in NHS management for many years. Her final job in management was as a Hospital General Manager in a London teaching hospital.

Clare experienced the symptoms of ME for 15 years. She was severely debilitated and was mostly wheelchair and bedbound during that time. She was always convinced there must be a cure and tried many therapies with little relief until she happened upon Mickel in 2004. She returned to symptom free health in just seven sessions.

Since then she has worked hard to raise awareness of the therapy. Clare is the clinical advisor and as head of training assists Dr David Mickel in the training of new Mickel Practitioners.

Clare is part of the management team where she is using her extensive experience of the therapy and her previous management skills and knowledge to assist the team. Their aim is to raise awareness and promote research into Mickel Therapy and the disorders it can help.

She works with people from many parts of the world and is interested in exploring how our cultural conditioning and expectations affects our health and the way we respond to the symptoms of illness.

Clare can be contacted at: clare.caldwell@mickeltherapy.com

Katrin Dudgeon

Dr Katrin Dudgeon , BSSc, PhD, CPsychol - Academic Research Manager

Katrin is a Chartered Psychologist with a strong research interest in health and emotion.

Katrin was born and raised in Berlin where she trained and practiced as a nurse in one of Berlins most advanced hospitals.. Her strong interest in health and caring for people caused her to stretch herself to understand the needs of patients alongside nursing them back to health. Looking for a more holistic approach towards and health and the human body, Katrin studied Psychology at the Queen’s University Belfast. She graduated with a first class honours degree in 1996 and obtained her PhD, focusing on health, exercise, mood and emotion in 2000.

In the past, Katrin taught Social Psychology and Sport and Exercise Psychology at the Queen’s University of Belfast with her research interests still focusing on health and emotion.

A major milestone in her life was when she went to work for the well recognised emotional psychologist Professor Roddy Cowie and became the Project Manager for HUMAINE– an EU funded 34 partner/ university worldwide network analysing emotions gaving her detailed and up date knowledge within the area of emotion. At present Katrin works at the queens university in Belfast as a Emotional Psychologist .



Catherine Wray – Senior Implementation Manager & Professional Development Adviser.

Catherine is a psychologist with a background in health and clinical psychology. She has a first degree in Psychology, an MSc in Health Psychology and two years’ training at Doctoral level. In addition, Catherine has many years’ experience working as a therapist with children, adults and older adults, using a variety of therapeutic models. She also has many years’ experience of conducting research in clinical and health settings. This research has been published in academic journals and NHS reports.

Catherine’s most recent position was as a researcher at Newcastle University in the Public Health Alcohol team where she had a variety of roles. She was Project Manager of the English arm of a national alcohol research study, as well as an Alcohol Interventionist delivering brief interventions in primary care. During this time, Catherine also conducted a systematic review and taught medical students a variety of subjects, including topics such as ‘Living with a Chronic Illness’ from a biopsychosocial perspective.

Catherine left this post when she was promoted to the Board of Mickel Health Initiatives. This also allowed her to devote more time to her Mickel Therapy practice, to become a member of the Emotions Research Consortium, and to promote Mickel Therapy as an effective treatment for ME/CFS and other conditions. She was delighted to have been asked to join the management board and hopes that the combination of academic, research and therapeutic skills she has will enable her to make a valuable contribution to the work of MHI. Catherine’s current role involves supervising Mickel Therapists, delivering training and contributing to the research programme of the organisation.

Catherine discovered Mickel Therapy after suffering from ME for many years and has since completely recovered and been able to resume her career full time.  Once fully recovered, Catherine trained as a Mickel Therapy Practitioner.  Having suffered from ME gives her a valuable insight into the condition, and her academic and professional background and training have well equipped Catherine to provide Mickel Therapy to clients suffering from a variety of conditions, including CFS/ME, Fibromyalgia, IBS, Anxiety and Depression. Catherine is able to offer face to face and distance consultations via Skype and email and is currently working with clients locally and internationally.

Catherine can be contacted at catherine.wray@mickeltherapy.com

Trevor Gardner

Trevor Gardner – Professional Development Adviser

Trevor has been a Mickel Therapist since 2008, successfully treating many clients face-to-face and increasingly by phone and by Skype. Although he predominantly covers the South West of England, he also treats people from all over the UK and throughout Europe.

Trevor had CFS for over 10 years before finding Mickel Therapy. Six sessions later and he was on his way to recovery. So impressed was he by this approach, after trying so many different therapies, and spending so much money in the past, that he left it 12 months, to make sure it wasn’t ‘too good to be true’, and then enrolled on the next training course, to qualify as a Mickel Therapist.

Trevor gets satisfaction from giving clients the tools, techniques and confidence to return to a state of good health and Wellness, as well as maintaining this into the future. Although this means he always has to find new clients, it is brilliant that clients don’t develop a dependency on the therapist, but rather quickly improve, and rarely needs more than, 6 – 8 sessions.

As an experienced Mickel Therapist, Trevor’s specialist role within the organisation is as Mentor to new Therapists, or those returning after taking a break. He is at the end of the phone or Skype to offer support, provide guidance, share experiences and generally help other therapists to grow in confidence and skills, in areas other than clinical supervision. He knows how much he would have valued this when he began as a therapist, whether in

dealing with all the issues associated with starting a business, or the day to day matters that come up to do with marketing, how and where to provide therapy, or how to get un-stuck, when stuck!

Alongside being a Mickel Therapist, Trevor is a Community and Project Development Manager and works in a self employed capacity, to help small organisations mainly in the charitable and voluntary sectors to change and grow. This he has been successfully doing for over 20 years, in particular: preparing Business Plans, Feasibility Studies, Community Audits, as well as Mentoring, providing non-managerial supervision and fundraising.

Trevor believes in facilitating sustainable and healthy change, whether that is in communities or in individuals.

Trevor Gardner can be contacted by e-mail: trevor.gardner@mickeltherapy.com

Mickel Health Initiatives supplies training and ongoing support of practitioners



Leisa Zakeri  – Supervisor And Trainer.

Leisa has a BA Hons in Psychology, an MSc in Occupational Psychology and
is registered as a Practitioner in Training with the British Psychological
Society and aims to become a Chartered Occupational Psychologist.

After completing her studies, Leisa went on to build a career in London
in the supported employment field working in the public, private and
charity sector and has gained a wealth of experience in working with the
long term unemployed, specialising in both brain injury and mental health.

While working in London Leisa started to experience symptoms of CFS/ME
which became so severe she had to move home to Scotland and stop working
for a prolonged period of time.  Leisa tried many therapies before coming
across Mickel Therapy, was treated by Dr Mickel, fully recovered and then
decided to train as a practitioner to help others do the same.  Due to
personal experience of the illness coupled with her professional
background, Leisa feels she has a lot to offer clients and is very gentle
and empathetic in her approach.

Leisa is currently based in Inverness and offers face to face sessions with clients locally.  She is also able to offer treatment over skype/telephone and email for long
distance clients and is currently working successfully with clients internationally. Leisa assists in the training of new Mickel Therapy Practitioners and acts as a Supervisor

Leisa can be contacted on leisa.zakeri@mickeltherapy.com


 Angela Wilson – Professional Development Adviser

Before M.E and then Mickel Therapy radically changed the course of her life, Angela had spent eighteen years working in television for the BBC.   For the first five she was a Production Secretary and then Production Assistant before moving into the sharp end of the business as a Vision Mixer.

In 1987 M.E brought this much loved life to a grinding halt and she spent the next nineteen years very ill indeed and with no meaningful life whatsoever.   In her quest for health she tried at least a dozen different ‘cures’.   These ranged from the more conventional alternative therapies (acupuncture, homoeopathy) to what some might regard as the downright whacky (hyperbaric oxygen, enzyme potentiated desensitisation).   But extremely ill she remained.

Then along came Mickel Therapy, and just eight sessions and three or four months was all it took to put an end to nineteen years of non-life.   To her astonishment Angela was now symptom free.   She went on to train as a Mickel Therapist in 2008, since when it has been her privilege, joy and passion to be able to help others turn their lives around and reclaim their health, just as she had done before them.

Angela practises both face to face in South Manchester and, increasingly, at distance via Skype.   In addition to her own practice she provides supervisory support to other therapists.

Angela can be contacted at angela.wilson@mickeltherapy.com