Success Stories

These are real accounts from our clients who had suffered ME, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia and other conditions before having Mickel Therapy.

  • “My health is really now in my hands to control.”




    “My health is really now in my hands to control.”

    I have fibromyalgia and had been suffering for 3 years gradually getting worse over time, to the point that I was unable to go on long walks, watch my son play football, take my daughter shopping, and even go out dancing with friends.  I had cut back on work and only travelled into the office one day a week.  My life had changed significantly and I felt like a young person trapped in an old person’s body.


    When my husband came across Mickel therapy I was pretty sceptical after already spending a fortune on the Perrin technique and many tests and supplements recommended by a nutritionist, all to no avail.  I read as much as I could online and found very mixed reviews where people either seemed to love it or hate it but I decided that anything was worth a try so I contacted my local therapist (Angela Wilson) and arranged my first session.  Everything seems a bit ‘fluffy’ at the start and I was still pretty sceptical but I threw myself into it and did all Angela asked of me each week.


    I was really pleased as week by week things started to get better and better.  Angela made the process very easy with her warm and friendly manner putting me at ease as you do have to talk about some fairly personal things.  I am now able to do so many things that I couldn’t before, even exercising which I used to hate!  I wouldn’t say that I am pain free by any stretch but when I feel it getting worse I know what I need to do to reduce it again and my health is really now in my hands to control.  I continue to work on myself and hope that with time I too can be one of the cases who end up totally pain free but it does require a lot of effort in terms of looking out for number one which is very difficult when you have a family to care for and you need to break the habit of putting them first!


    Kirsty                                                                                                                   September 2019

  • ” I would recommend Mickel therapy whole heartedly to anyone with ME, > fibromyalgia, post viral fatigue or chronic fatigue. The results are amazing”

    > I came to Mickel Therapy (and Clare) feeling so desperate for my life back.
    > The therapy had been recommended by a friend who had seen results so I was
    > hopeful but cautious! After the first session I felt my energy come back and
    > after a few more sessions which helped me correct dips I was still having I
    > felt 100% better. I was back at my exercise class, travelled on a city break
    > with a friend, running with my kids and back to working. All things I never
    > thought I would be doing in the foreseeable future. I can’t recommend
    > Mickel highly enough, it has given me my life back – I feared my children
    > would only remember me as the a bedridden mum. I had taken myself out the
    > ‘game of life’ and felt like a silent spectator – but now I have joy, energy
    > and motivation again. Clare has been so wonderful and positive right from
    > the start. As she had suffered from symptoms I knew she understood
    > completely and her intentions were solely to see my health return.
    > I would recommend Mickel therapy whole heartedly to anyone with ME,
    > fibromyalgia, post viral fatigue or chronic fatigue. The results are amazing
    > – my family are speechless at how I’ve turned around.

  • “I highly recommend Mickel Therapy, it is the only therapy/treatment that has helped me and in only 4 months (5 appointments)! I have my life back “

    I’ve been a veterinary nurse since I was 18. When I was 21 I was working long hours and
    regular night shifts, I became run down and ended up with glandular fever. Then 5 years
    ago my doctor diagnosed me with CFS and since then Fibromyalgia. I was exhausted
    and in pain pretty much all of the time. I was unable to exercise and had to reduce my
    hours at work. I couldn’t make plans too far in advance because I didn’t know if I’d be
    well enough and I would cancel on my friends all the time. I was stuck in the same boring
    routine every day just so I could survive each week. Unfortunately my doctors could not
    help me.
    A couple of people recommended Mickel Therapy to me so I looked into it and made an
    appointment with Trevor and I’m so happy I did. The information he gave me really blew
    my mind but at the same time made perfect sense. Almost immediately I was more
    energetic and I felt like I had my life back. I started making more plans and being
    spontaneous. It also allowed me to recognise that I actually have a problem with my hip
    as all the other pain I was experiencing has gone. So now I can focus on sorting that
    problem out.
    I highly recommend Mickel Therapy, it is the only therapy/treatment that has helped me
    and in only 4 months (5 appointments)! I have my life back and I can’t thank Trevor
    enough for this!
    March 2019

  • “I don’t know how to put into words the immense gratitude I feel for what I now refer to as my miracle cure; towards Leisa Zakeri my therapist and Dr Mickel for his pioneering work”

    I had had ME/Chronic Fatigue for the last 14 years and had resigned myself to living
    with it, managing the condition through coping strategies that I thought were
    working as well as anything could. I had pretty much accepted the conventional view
    that it isn’t really ‘curable’. I recognise now that the very coping mechanisms that I
    was using were actually exacerbating the problem and I was stuck in a vicious cycle.
    A new acquaintance of my husband’s recommended trying Mickel Therapy as she
    had been helped by it. I was a bit sceptical actually but as I was pretty desperate I
    also thought I didn’t have much to lose from giving it a try.
    I am so glad I found Leisa! We hit it off straight away and from the first I knew I could
    have absolute confidence in her skills as a therapist and in her as a warm, caring
    human being who really understood my experiences. I did throw myself into it quite
    wholeheartedly which probably helped I think. I noticed results almost immediately
    and this encouraged me to keep going with the new techniques I was learning and to
    trust the theory. Leisa was very patient and needed to help me to keep coming back
    to the principles again and again so that I really understood what I was doing, why
    and how best to approach things as I struggled with them. I felt total confidence in
    Leisa; I particularly appreciated that she paid a lot of attention to detail and was very
    perceptive and insightful. The therapy is simple in many ways yet challenging in
    another because in my experience it is about changing habits and requires
    commitment and practice. But that is perhaps also its strength – this isn’t about just
    getting rid of feelings of tiredness and other physical symptoms, for me it has been
    transformative on many levels.
    We had nine sessions in total over a period of five months, and a follow up one eight
    weeks later but I was reassured throughout knowing that I could email or speak to
    Leisa whenever I needed to between sessions. I really felt that she offered complete
    support and the therapy was without question very good value for money.
    One fabulous aspect of my recovery has been the realisation that I thought I had got
    better a few times before I did Mickel Therapy but looking back I know that I wasn’t
    better, I was perhaps only 90% better. Leisa helped me to see how my recovery
    could be complete and that I didn’t have to settle for ‘good enough’ in this instance.
    There have been some other highlights – my amazement when I saw how much
    boredom, lack of joy and fulfilment I was experiencing in my day to day life and I
    absolutely had a view of myself that I’m not someone who ever gets bored! And the
    joy, how I’ve brought joy back in to my life, found myself again when really I’d
    become a little lost somewhere along the way. And I’m well on the way now to
    climbing a proper hill again – I’ve had a little practise run and found it easy – and that
    was something I had given up the idea of ever being able to do again. I know that I
    will need to use Mickel Therapy techniques to keep me well and I am not
    complacent but I am like a new woman! And I feel as though I can live the life I want
    to now which is huge.

    So Mickel Therapy has been quite literally life-changing for me and it really has been
    like a miracle, words cannot convey the gratitude I feel. I can’t recommend it highly
    enough and Leisa is absolutely worth her weight in gold! Thank you Leisa.
    May 2019

  • “I cannot thank Susan enough for all her help and would highly recommend Mickel therapy.”

    Before working with Susan I suffered from quite severe anxiety/panic attacks. My days were
    ruled by my anxiety and it was beginning to impact my work and my relationships. I felt
    hopeless and believed that my situation couldn’t be changed. Mickel therapy was
    recommended to me by a colleague, and at first it sounded almost too good to be true, but
    after hearing my colleague’s first hand experience and doing my own research, I wanted to
    give it a go. Working and talking with Susan has always felt comfortable. She was always
    highly approachable and I felt supported and listened to within and out with our sessions. I
    was always assured that I could contact Susan between our sessions also if I ever had any
    questions. The resources were also incredibly useful and applicable to my day to day life. The
    best result I have gotten from working with Susan has been the significant drop in my
    anxiety levels, which has allowed me to focus on my day to day life and actually enjoy what
    is going on around me. I cannot thank Susan enough for all her help and would highly
    recommend Mickel therapy.