Success Stories

These are real accounts from our clients who had suffered ME, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia and other conditions before having Mickel Therapy.

  • “I fully recovered my health with Mickel Therapy!”

    I am a mum of 2 who works part-time and whose husband works very long hours. The responsibility of the children and a demanding job pushed my stress levels higher and higher until I became ill with shingles. I was putting everybody’s needs above my own, as many mums do! Following on from the shingles I had post-viral fatigue and anxiety.

    With Fiona Watson’s help and with the tools she gave me through Mickel Therapy over the course of 5 sessions and 3 months, I recovered to full health and am now able to lead an active life. If I feel the anxiety and fatigue returning, I now have the tools to restore me back to balance in my life and health and am able to do this. Thanks Fiona for all your support!

    Tiffany Allan
    December 2018

  • “After 25 years of Anxiety and Depression, Mickel Therapy helped me get well!”

    For 25 years I suffered from nervousness leading into deep anxiety and stress which developed into depression and feelings of worthlessness. Physically I experienced joint pains, rigidity in major muscles, pressure headaches and extreme exhaustion.

    Initially I found the therapy quite mentally and emotionally challenging, addressing issues and talking about myself was uncomfortable for me. But I quickly realised that the seemingly simple techniques were powerful tools that really worked.

    Fiona Watson was a super therapist!! Happy, directional, full of practical suggestions as to how I could move forward. Yet realistic too, but always positive and empathetic. Her pithy reminders still ring in my ears when needed. I completed my 6 sessions in just 3 months!!

    Since completing MT I make sure of the more important things – taking care of my own emotional needs are essential for all other aspects of life to improve. I have revisited old hobbies and embarked on some new ones, make more time for friends and look to include more people generally. My physical symptoms are vastly improved also my aversion to social gatherings has all but gone. If I do experience negative emotions I recognise them as such and use my keys!! I understand that acting on those emotions is what makes me feel good, and that knowledge alone gives me peace of mind. Thank you for putting the pieces together for me.

    October 2018

  • “Angela Wilson and Mickel Therapy gave me my life back”

    There is only one way to start this testimonial: Angela Wilson and Mickel Therapy gave me my life back.

    It has taken me four years to write this (too long!) and there have been various reasons, mainly being busy with my business and travels, which for a person diagnosed with M.E, who had been told to rely on a wheelchair to move around, means the world! My life after MT has become a living testimonial of the efficiency of the therapy. In plain words, it works.

    I remember telling Angela, ‘maybe it won’t work for me’, and Angela repeating, with relentless conviction, ‘if you engage fully with the process it will’. And thus, Angela kept my faith going when I felt like losing it, so the only thing I needed to do was to follow the guidance, and gather the courage to keep moving forward.

    Just a bit of background story: I was diagnosed in 2013, but I had been struggling with symptoms for a long time before. There was a miscarriage, there was overwork, then a viral infection… I woke up one morning with such fatigue that my legs struggled to hold the weight of my body. Altogether I was ill for 18 months, which felt a lifetime, especially after being told by the NHS that I would never recover. M.E was a life sentence.

    My case was severe: I couldn’t walk more than literally two steps without becoming extremely fatigued, I struggled bathing, brushing my teeth, feeding myself, thinking, understanding what people said to me when they talked! I felt pain in my whole body and I couldn’t sleep, despite constantly experiencing extreme fatigue. It was like having a black hole inside each one of my cells, that was dragging me into its darkness. It might sound poetic, but words fail me. If you have experienced ME/CFS symptoms yourself, you know what I mean. Summarising, I felt my life was over.

    I started Mickel Therapy with Angela Wilson in February 2014 and in April 2014 I was cured. It took seven sessions. I remember our last conversation on session 7. I remember catching myself saying ‘When I WAS ill…’ Angie stopped me there. She made me repeat it. When I WAS ill. And then she added: ‘You’ve made it. You don’t need me anymore’. My eyes fill up with tears every time I recall that conversation. ‘What are you going to do now?’ Angie asked, ‘What have you been missing?’ I climbed a mountain the next weekend. No payback, just pure joy (I sang all the way back home!) and hope, and so much gratitude to Dr David Mickel for having developed such a wonderful therapy and to Angela for holding my hand and expertly guiding me to health.

    Angela is a highly knowledgeable, intelligent, intuitive, honest and sincere therapist. She also has a heart of gold! I felt deeply supported all the way. She has a rare ability for spotting and unveiling patterns in one’s life that, once acted upon, can lead to health. I have recommended numerous people to Angela, all of them have experienced unbelievable results. I cannot thank her enough for giving me my life back. Her strong belief and passion in what she does helped me to say ‘yes’ to MT and hence, to become ‘myself’ again and to re-open the path to live all my dreams in full health!

    If you are suffering with ME, CFS or Fibromyalgia, don’t think twice, go ahead and trust, give MT your 100% and you won’t believe the results. I cannot recommend Angela Wilson and Mickel Therapy enough. Just call Angela for a chat. The rest will be history soon.

    Veronica Layunta Maurel
    Owner of Akasha Projects Ltd
    October 2018

  • “I have been completely free from anxiety for the past six months”

    It’s hard to even put into words just how profoundly Mickel Therapy has changed my life for the better.

    I resorted to it last year (2017) when I was struggling with anxiety, due to a complicated and overwhelming set of deeply stressful life events. Thanks to Angela Wilson I am proud to report I have been completely free from anxiety for the past six months, which feels like a new lease of life!

    I am so very grateful to Mickel Therapy for giving me my health back, and to Angie in particular. She’s simply amazing – dedicated, very well-organised, empathetic, kind, and always on point with her advice and guidance. She is fantastic at what she does, and I would recommend her wholeheartedly to anyone considering giving Mickel Therapy a try. Her continued support has been invaluable, and I feel truly blessed to have been working with her as my therapist.

    Lena E
    October 2018

  • “I have not looked back!

    Since completing eight sessions of Mickel Therapy with Angela Wilson I have not looked back! I now go swimming twice a week and thoroughly enjoy the buzz and confidence it gives me. I can now feel my once incredibly weak arms and legs getting stronger slowly but surely. I’m also looking forward to starting a badminton course very soon.

    Mickel Therapy isn’t easy, particularly if, like me, you struggle with the physical weakness and brain fog of M.E, but Angela makes the sessions enjoyable and something to look forward to each week. She is friendly, easy to talk to, and gets to the bottom of what is perpetuating your particular version of Hypothalamitis, which in my case has been causing the symptoms of M.E. for twenty-six years.

    Thankfully, the long nightmare and its symptoms are now receding and I’m so looking forward to the rest of my life!

    Nicola Owen
    October 2018