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By Lk Age 15 Glasgow.

In January 2013 at the age of 12 ,I was very unwell after a bout of flu.My symptyoms included headaches,dizziness, lack of energy, brain fog and I struggled to sleep. I visited my GP and after having several different ENT tests and blood tests the GP said I had low iron levels, a virus and it could be labyrinthitis. I was given Stemetil for the labyrinthitis and Sytron to increase my iron. After no joy with the Stemetil and still as dizzy I was taken to a private ENT specialist in February 2013 who immediately ruled this out. Not any better, although my iron levels were now back to normal and several visits later to my GP and more blood tests taken and nothing found I saw a private Endocrinologist who tested me for Cushing`s and Addison`s disease then at a second appointment in May 2013 he diagnosed me with post viral fatigue. He said “time was the cure”. During this time I was off school for 2 full months then gradually returned only a few hours every couple of days. Every week I would have a “crash” when my symptoms worsened and I was in bed for several days. In June 2013 I tried herbal medicine after visiting Jan De Vries but again this had no effect 3 months on. After scouring the web I was put on a trial drug of low dose naltrexone by another GP I saw privately but after 6 months again no effect and I was still in and out of school like a yoyo. In June 2014 I visited a Tibetan Doctor in Edinburgh who gave me Tibetan herbs, these helped a little and I was getting 10 days before “crashing”. I also revisited the Gp looking for the next path to follow which was neurology and saw a private neurologist as the NHS waiting list was very long, again he confirmed post viral fatigue and ” time was the cure”. A short while later the NHS appointment came in and I had a brain MRI scan which came back normal. I was at school as often as possible and home tutored as by this time in S3 and had made my subject choices.

After 2 and a half years, at the age of 15 I finally heard about Mickel Therapy from a neighbour of my brother`s best friend, after investigating it, it turned out my local therapist Fiona Watson, only lived a couple of miles away, so I met with her the next week. Fiona was very patient when I was getting to grips with the Therapy and was very encouraging and supportive all throughout the process. I only had 5 sessions of the Mickel Therapy over 2 months, one every week for the first 3 weeks and then fortnightly then one the following month and I am now back to full health. Since the Therapy I feel full of energy and more alive, I even managed to go away on a school trip to Spain for a week which I would never have even imagined being able to do before Mickel Therapy. I am now back to school every day and able to do things I would never have even considered doing before I did Mickel Therapy. During the summer holidays I was kayaking, helped at the local tennis club mini camp, played archery, dog walked most days during the school holidays , socialised with my loyal friends, holidayed in Italy and for once was well for the full fortnight and now with no more brain fog I was finally able to read books again, which is my favourite pastime. I would thoroughly recommend Mickel Therapy to anyone considering it and would highly recommend my Therapist, Fiona Watson, who has helped me get well again and given me my life back aged 15.

30 months and after trying everything under the sun my answer lay 2 miles round the corner, Mickel Therapy has been my miracle.

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