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Martin Craig

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Article appearing in Fibro News, Surrey and Sussex

My first encounters with Fibromyalgia were in my years as a General Practitioner in Elgin. I soon realised the difficulties that Doctors had been experiencing in trying to treat patients with this frustrating condition. Painkillers were pretty ineffective even at dose that risked nasty side effects. The diagnosis normally ended up being given by our local Rheumatologists who usually added that they had no idea what caused the often, severe symptoms. Our medical training makes this admission one that is difficult to swallow for Doctors and I was no exception.
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Daily Record Article 2007

WHEN dad-of-two Robert Cameron beat ME, he wanted to help others beat the condition too. Continue reading

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Moray doctor in ‘cure’ claim

A Moray doctor claims to have found a revolutionary new remedy for two debilitating conditions. Former Elgin GP Dr David Mickel claims he can offer hope to people with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia, after successful trials of a psychotherapy treatment programme he has developed. Continue reading

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