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Robyn Falkiner

The moment I answered Robbie’s call for my first Mickel Therapy session with her I knew I had found the right person to help me. Warm, caring and gentle, Robbie immediately helped me to understand how I could be in control of my own health. I had previously had MT to help me go from a state of being housebound with CFS/ME to a state of returning to work and a normal life. When I contacted Robbie I hadn’t had a session for a number of years, but after our first phone call I was reminded of the effectiveness of the therapy and saw instant results in the reduction of symptoms. I can’t recommend Robbie or Mickel Therapy highly enough. In 11 years of CFS/ME, it is the only therapy that has been truly effective in clearing me of symptoms. K, Melbourne, 37.

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Pamela Mills


I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia 11 years ago after a number of years of unexplained extreme fatigue.  When I looked up the condition online, it said there was no cure and I lapsed into a deep depression.

I am a great believer in trying to help yourself as best u can.  So began a long journey of stretching, yoga and pilates classes, adapting my diet and going down the natural route. Some things helped to an extent but it was always there and flared up for long periods of time.  I was in a holistic place one day and someone mentioned Mickel therapy.  I parked it for a while, as when u try everything and nothing works, you lose heart in trying something new.

A few years later,after another spell, I came on Mickel therapy again.  I went online and read the research and the testimonials and I bought the book.

When I read the book, I knew I wanted to try out this therapy.  I found a local therapist and made my first appointment.  What a life changer! !

Pamela, my therapist taught me the skills required to actively apply Mickel therapy to my life.  I burst out laughing when, for the first time, I experienced symptoms and immediately applied the keys of Mickel and the symptoms disappeared! This was so amazing, I wanted to keep trying it.

It took only 5 sessions to change my life! I had energy I never knew existed.  I was bursting with vibrancy and joy – I had got my life back!

I can’t recommend Mickel therapy highly enough. Why suffer for years, when you can change things in a very short space of time.

I now promote Michel therapy to anyone who will listen to me.  And the great thing is, they only have to look at me to see how much it has worked.

I have now spoken to the GP in the hope that they will suggest it to patients.

Pamela, my therapist was lovely.  She supported me through the whole process, and I could contact her anytime I was struggling.

If u have tried  everything and u want to give one more thing a try, please try Mickel.  It really does give u back ur life.

S Lynn 26 Jan 2018

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By Lynda.

I have just completed my Mickel Therapy sessions and am delighted to say that my energy level is better than it has been in decades.
I have lived with Fibromyalgia for over thirty years, during which, I had periods of poor health, interspersed about every four months, with flare ups of debilitating fatigue.
My medical journey has taken me through arthritis medication, pain killers, steroid injections, muscle relaxants and sleeping tablets, all to little avail. My personal search for a cure involved Homeopathy, Reflexology, Reiki, herbal remedies and vitamin supplements.  I have tried elimination diets and become vegetarian, but still the situation existed.
Last year, following another flare, I researched new treatments on the internet and, as a result, came across information on Mickel Therapy.  Although slightly sceptical I started my sessions with Lisa Taylor-Penny in May.  From our first contact, I felt as if she knew me.  She is so easy to chat to and, having lived with the condition herself, knew exactly what I meant when I spoke of brain fog, not having energy to finish a sentence or lift a hair brush.  She didn’t try to tell me it was depression or there was nothing that can be done, or worse still, to go away and pretend it did not exist.  The last advice before Mickel Therapy ended up with me spending months recovering from a collapse at work, when I tried to do just that.
Mickel Therapy has given me back my life.  Changes had to be made, as the old methods hadn’t worked for me.  The therapy is not difficult but it does require you to put in some work.  Once the main principals are grasped, then you simply have to keep practising until after a while it becomes second nature.
During the treatment, I did experience stressful life issues but, using my tools, I have been able to get through them in a normal way, without causing me a return of symptoms.
I have had one day of fatigue, following a shock death, but quickly realised this was the perfect time to use the tools I’d learned and it worked.  I recovered normally and my energy was restored.
Well, that’s my story and I hope that someone struggling as I was, finds it a help.  Mickel Therapy and lovely Lisa Taylor-Penny have helped me so much.
Thank you.                                            Lynda P.  November 2017

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I no longer have any feelings of ending my life ….


My name is Hannah and I am currently 24 years old.   I was diagnosed with endometriosis when I was 18, after a second laparoscopy.   To be poked and prodded at such a young age with internal scans, examinations, I’d be lying if I said it hasn’t left me some scars more than just physical.

Throughout the years I have also suffered with migraines, back pain, heart palpitations, dizzy spells, fatigue and unexplained stomach and bowel pains – all being investigated with various procedures on the NHS with no diagnosis or explanation as to why I was getting symptoms.

It was constant daily battle and struggle with this pain, it builds and builds until the point when you don’t want to go through it anymore.

April 2013 was breaking point for me.   I had only been going through this for a year but it was one of the most invasive and painful years of my life.

I had been given painkillers on prescription and I decided one night that I would take them all.   I just wanted to be out of my pain, I wanted to slip away never having to deal with it ever again.

I have one of the most amazing families in the world, and at that point in my life I never even considered the effect my decision to take my life would ever have had on them.

Five years on, I had to go through more pain, another surgery to sort things.   The imprint left on my body was long from gone.   I was never offered help for the effect this had on my emotions.

At the start of last year I was offered counselling through my GP – but in all honestly, after three weekly sessions, all my emotions were brought up with nowhere to go with them and I just felt drained!

Then I had a breakdown and I was diagnosed with depression, and put on an antidepressant.   I knew I didn’t want this to be a long term solution, being dependent on pills.   I wanted my life back, I wanted to be back in control!

I was introduced by a family member to Mickel Therapy a few years before … but in all honesty I hadn’t come to terms with admitting to myself how I actually felt, or that I needed to take action for myself.   Because everything had been so physical, it almost blocked out the need for me to see the emotional side of it all.   But a few months ago, it was the right time for me.   It needed to be dealt with after six long years.

This action based therapy results in the client regaining control of their life again.   I have been through this wonderful therapy in just five sessions and with the help of my therapist Angela Wilson, I no longer have any feelings of ending my life, in fact I feel so back in control of my life and I’m now enjoying getting on with it!

Angela is one of the loveliest women I have ever met.   She put me right at ease and helped me to understand how the therapy would help me regain my life.   I genuinely wish I had done this sooner!

I may not get those six years back … but I now have the rest of my life to live and I can’t be anything but grateful to Mickel Therapy.

Hannah Watson

January 2018












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Why I do what I do (By Susan Murray)

Most Mickel Therapists have a recovery story to tell; most have been very ill with ME, CFS or Fibromyalgia, have been through the process of Mickel Therapy, recovered their health and their lives through it and then trained to become therapists in order to help others to do the same.

Since I am different, I am often asked why I became a Mickel Therapist. I have never suffered from these conditions…but my Mum did.

My Mum had ME and Fibromyalgia and IBS and, what seemed like, every single physical symptom ever linked to these conditions. She was largely bed-bound for long periods of time, registered disabled, medically retired and had to be pushed in a wheelchair any time she was able to get out of the house for a while.

I spent most of my teenage years caring for her, with the help of my brother when he wasn’t away at university. It was a difficult time because watching someone you love suffer, day in day out, is heartbreaking. I felt completely helpless. I wasn’t helpless – I did plenty to help; for the most part, I did the housework, took care of meals, made endless cups of Earl Grey tea, helped her get dressed, took her shopping, and generally did whatever she needed as much as I could.

But I still felt helpless. Because, no matter how much soup I made her, how many cups of tea I brought her, how many gifts and cards I gave her, to try and bring some joy into her life, how many times a day I asked her if there was anything she needed, or how many things I did so she wouldn’t have to struggle to do or hurt herself doing, I couldn’t take her pain away. I couldn’t relieve her of her many symptoms. I watched her struggle through every day for years and struggle through the frustration of having to struggle through every day.

And, as far as I, or she – or anybody – seemed to know, at that time, there was nothing that was going to take this away or make it any better. She was prescribed a horrendous cocktail of medicine to take every day but none of it appeared to ease any of it. So, no matter what I did for her, it wasn’t good enough to ease her suffering and I continued to feel helpless.

I loved my Mum, dearly, but her partner had been living with us for a few years and I was desperately unhappy at home, so I left at the age of 18 to go to college and study music. I went from there, with my then partner, down South where I went to university and found work after graduating. Despite frequent visits back during this time, I felt very distant from my home life and family. I had a new set of issues to deal with in my adult life which, I guess, was my main focus at the time.

So, when my Mum tried Mickel Therapy, I knew little of it; I only knew she had started a new type of therapy that involved her having to be honest about her emotions and that it seemed to be making a huge difference to her after only a couple of sessions. I don’t remember being aware, at the time, that she couldn’t continue because she couldn’t afford any more sessions and her partner (who was now her husband) refused to pay for them. I just remember that, instead of continuing to get better, she developed stomach cancer and was gone a couple of years later.

I realised something when she was in the hospice in the couple of weeks before she passed; I realised that she wouldn’t be there if certain things had been different. I suddenly saw the effect certain people had on her and how much they drained her energy.

She had had a traumatic childhood and a difficult adult life. She was not happy. She tried to be but it was as if she didn’t know how, or didn’t have the confidence or support to make certain changes; changes she would have had to make to regain any of her emotional and, by extension, physical health.

I recognised myself in her, at that time, and it scared me. I started to recognise I had fallen into similar patterns and there was someone in my life who was draining me the same way my mum had been drained.

When you watch your Mum die at the age of 57 and you suddenly realise you’re on a similar path and headed the same way, it makes you sit up and pay attention. It makes you question whether you have so little self-worth that you are going to keep yourself in a miserable situation until you also die too young or if you are going to help make your Mum’s life and death mean something.

Was I going to let her die in vain by letting the cycle repeat itself? Was I going to ignore the way she brought me up and everything she taught me? Was I going to ignore all the signs shown to me as I watched her on her deathbed? Was I going to pretend I didn’t have all of her strength and the knowledge, wisdom, ability and will to change the course of my life? Was I hell.

I dramatically changed the direction of my life shortly after my Mum passed away. I left my partner and moved back up to Scotland to be near friends and family again. I started being true to myself. I became me and spent some time getting to know me and accepting me for who I am. I found a wonderful partner and a new direction, career-wise. I decided I wanted to help people and, so, started on a path to become a Counsellor. While on this path, my brother mentioned Mickel Therapy to me; he said I should look into it as he thought I could help a lot of people. I didn’t know what it was but when he told me it was the treatment for ME that my Mum had started, my interest was peaked.

I wasn’t able to help my Mum recover as I didn’t know how, but here was my chance to learn how to help others recover. I looked into it and jumped at the chance to do the training. After starting to practise as a Mickel Therapist, I realised that was where my passion lay and I left my Counselling training behind.

Starting from scratch in private practise and trying to build a reputation and client base is not an easy road, but the difference I have already started to make to people, and the knowledge that I can, and will, help more people avoid further and needless suffering makes it all worth it to me.

If you would like to get in touch with me, you can do so by emailing, or visiting my website, or my Facebook page



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Journey out of symptoms by Clare Caldwell 

clare caldwell

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I had to try for myself and I never looked back

When I met Angela Wilson I was in a very dark place, I had post-natal depression, I was grieving for the loss of my mum, I felt very disconnected from the rest of the world (ie my husband, daughter and friends) and I had simply lost the will to live.   Luckily there was a little part of me that knew I could do something to be happy again.

I had previously tried a couple of different therapies but I found that they didn’t really go to the core of the problem.   A friend of mine had mentioned Angela several times before and how she had changed her life.   I had to try for myself and I never looked back.

Angela is the sweetest person, very caring and extremely sensitive yet thorough and professional.   Angela gave me a solid guidance throughout the process and she had faith in me, she told me I would be happy again in a matter of a few weeks and so I was after 7 sessions.   I completed my Mickel therapy a few months ago and I am still happy!   I recommend Angela and Mickel Therapy to everyone!


October 2017

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“What I have learnt through having M.E/CFS and through doing Mickel therapy will serve me for the rest of my life.”


I began getting increasingly exhausted in my final year of university, from September 2015. Over a few months it steadily increased from ‘more tired than usual’ to struggling to walk the usual 15 minute journey to uni. A nasty bout of flu knocked me down further in December I became hardly able to leave my flat, let alone meet university deadlines.

Despite being a keen student who loves studying, I decided to take the risk of dropping out from my studies for a year. Any simple task was a huge battle and I couldn’t look after myself. I retreated to my parent’s home for a year of rest in January 2016. But my symptoms didn’t disappear.

My body was weak, and my mind constantly foggy. I struggled to concentrate: reading books or having conversations with people would leave me with brain fog – which sometimes became painful headaches. I forgot words as I spoke. When watching TV, I would have to watch in 10 minute chunks, or I would get too mentally and physically exhausted. Sometimes my legs and arms would ache, sometimes my hands would tremble with weakness.

The turning point came when I tried Mickel therapy in April 2016. After seeing the therapy recommended in a book of recovery stories from CFS/M.E., I got in contact with therapist Angela Wilson, who was able to help me via Skype sessions. She taught me the principles of Mickel therapy, explaining that my symptoms were linked to emotional triggers. This was confusing to me at first, but I soon learnt that there were unresolved emotional triggers in my life situation which were the underlying causes of my chronic fatigue. I was taught how to apply measures to overcome these triggers, and I began to ‘get it’ after my second session. After being nearly completely housebound I began confidently going out and about – spending a day shopping, going for walks, and stepping out of my comfort zone. Within the next few months, I gently began stepping out even more – travelling on my own, and taking a gentle part time job.

In October 2016, I moved back to my university city and I restarted my full time studies in January 2017. I graduated in July 2017 with a first class degree, top of the class!

I can confidently say that this would never have happened without Mickel therapy. With understanding and spirit, Angela gradually encouraged me back to health, and what I have learnt through having M.E/CFS and through doing Mickel therapy will serve me for the rest of my life. I know how to manage triggers and be kind to my health now, and that is invaluable.

Your emotional, physical and mental wellbeing is precious, and worth protecting. I am so grateful to Angela and to those who have developed Mickel therapy for helping me recover from M.E.!


August 2017






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