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“What I have learnt through having M.E/CFS and through doing Mickel therapy will serve me for the rest of my life.”


I began getting increasingly exhausted in my final year of university, from September 2015. Over a few months it steadily increased from ‘more tired than usual’ to struggling to walk the usual 15 minute journey to uni. A nasty bout of flu knocked me down further in December I became hardly able to leave my flat, let alone meet university deadlines.

Despite being a keen student who loves studying, I decided to take the risk of dropping out from my studies for a year. Any simple task was a huge battle and I couldn’t look after myself. I retreated to my parent’s home for a year of rest in January 2016. But my symptoms didn’t disappear.

My body was weak, and my mind constantly foggy. I struggled to concentrate: reading books or having conversations with people would leave me with brain fog – which sometimes became painful headaches. I forgot words as I spoke. When watching TV, I would have to watch in 10 minute chunks, or I would get too mentally and physically exhausted. Sometimes my legs and arms would ache, sometimes my hands would tremble with weakness.

The turning point came when I tried Mickel therapy in April 2016. After seeing the therapy recommended in a book of recovery stories from CFS/M.E., I got in contact with therapist Angela Wilson, who was able to help me via Skype sessions. She taught me the principles of Mickel therapy, explaining that my symptoms were linked to emotional triggers. This was confusing to me at first, but I soon learnt that there were unresolved emotional triggers in my life situation which were the underlying causes of my chronic fatigue. I was taught how to apply measures to overcome these triggers, and I began to ‘get it’ after my second session. After being nearly completely housebound I began confidently going out and about – spending a day shopping, going for walks, and stepping out of my comfort zone. Within the next few months, I gently began stepping out even more – travelling on my own, and taking a gentle part time job.

In October 2016, I moved back to my university city and I restarted my full time studies in January 2017. I graduated in July 2017 with a first class degree, top of the class!

I can confidently say that this would never have happened without Mickel therapy. With understanding and spirit, Angela gradually encouraged me back to health, and what I have learnt through having M.E/CFS and through doing Mickel therapy will serve me for the rest of my life. I know how to manage triggers and be kind to my health now, and that is invaluable.

Your emotional, physical and mental wellbeing is precious, and worth protecting. I am so grateful to Angela and to those who have developed Mickel therapy for helping me recover from M.E.!


August 2017






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I survived M.E. now I’m thriving.

Saul Levitt, Mickel Therapist






Advanced Mickel Therapist and Trainer

2006 seems like a long time ago. I guess it is!

That’s the year I fully recovered from M.E.

Let’s back up a little…..

In the late 90s while studying a degree in Marketing at Plymouth University, I was struck down with a horrendous bout of the flu. It meant I couldn’t return to university for over a month.

I remember my first day back at university, everyone excited to see me and welcoming me back and all I wanted to do was crawl into bed. I had to drag myself around with zero energy, the lights in the student common room hurt to look at and I felt dizzy.

Things didn’t get much better for the next few years. I developed food intolerances, couldn’t drink alcohol, had excruciating muscle pains, stomach problem…I could go on and on.

Now, I was never someone that found studying that easy, possibly as I have dyslexia but trying to study for a full on degree while experiencing the effects of M.E. was nearly impossible.

I, as so many others do, tried all sorts of things to get better. I particularly remember my housemates disgust at the smell of me boiling herbs having tried Chinese medicine…let’s just say the taste was less than great.

A few other things I tried: Osteopathy which relieved my aches to some extend but they would have returned by the end of the session, counselling, naturopathy, antidepressants…the list goes on.

Some how I managed to push through to get my degree (a 2:2) and even go on to get a job, meanwhile still struggling with multiple symptoms.

Some years later, looking for a move in career and something different, I decided to travel to Australia for a year. This is something I’d always wanted to do but was pretty daunting given my illness, even though I was somewhat improved by this point.

Anyhow, I went ahead with it and unlike my usual approach to travelling, went without a plan, other than knowing I was staying with some friends on my arrival.

Now I won’t bore you with my tales of travelling but sometime into my stay my sister back home told me of a friend of hers who had got better using Mickel Therapy.

I immediately looked up the website, downloaded the eBook and devoured it. Unlike so many other treatments I tried, there was something about this that connected and clicked with ‘M.E.’

At this time (2006), there weren’t any Mickel Therapists in Australia but there was training in a months time in New Zealand to become a Mickel Therapist Practitioner and something told me that I had to do it.

I applied and after an interview with accepted onto the training and the rest as they say is history.

I remember on the last day of the training having a beer with the other trainees (something I wasn’t able to do during my illness) and feeling fine, so much of my energy was already returning and over the coming weeks and months things continued in this direction, so much so that I thought I’d share a list of a few things I’ve achieved since my recovery:

  • Cycled 65 miles from London to Brighton

  • I have two children both under the age of 5 (neither of which are great sleepers!)

  • Skydived, bungee jumped and everything in between

  • Helped other people like myself around the world also struggling with M.E.

  • Held an art exhibition jointly with my wife and sister

  • Enjoyed simple things like watching a movie without feeling exhausted or in pain

I’m not sure what’s next on my wish list but I know helping anyone I can who’s gone through something similar or worse is part of it.

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March 2017

I had been suffering from symptoms of anxiety for 10 years and I felt 
completely helpless. I heard of Mickle Therapy and the recommendation 
of Fiona Watson. I honestly did not think that the therapy would work 
but I was at rock bottom and desperate to try anything to help myself.
I was unsure how effective the therapy would be over Skype, but Fiona 
immediately put me at ease. She was very professional and open.
I had 5 sessions over 3 months and from the second session I could 
clearly see an improvement in reducing the feelings of anxiety.
The symptoms of anxiety are now gone and I am very grateful for Fiona’s 

JP, United Kingdom

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I can honestly say that it was the best money that I have ever spent on myself.

I did the Mickel Therapy after a friend who had ME had extremely positive results.   Two years on that friend is still free of ME symptoms and leads a far more active life than she did before.   Personally, I had not been diagnosed with anything, but after a period of two years of living under high stress levels and numerous visits to the doctors, I was gradually coming to feel that my body and mind were being slowly drained of energy and passion for life – things that I always had in abundance.   Angela Wilson, my Mickel Therapist, tailored the sessions to my needs and I can honestly say that it was the best money that I have ever spent on myself.   Not only did my tiredness and aches disappear, but the therapy has given me clarity of mind, determination and confidence in many aspects of my life that I used to struggle with.   In an ideal world this type of therapy would be made available for all.


Rachel Mason

January 2017


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Mickel Therapy has certainly helped me and other people I know


As a sufferer of Crohn’s disease I have noticed a very strong correlation between stress and my symptoms increasing big time.   Almost every time I have had constant stress for long periods of time my Crohn’s symptoms have begun creeping up on me.   My therapist Angela Wilson has helped me to make more appropriate responses to my emotions using the process of Mickel Therapy.   I hope any autoimmune related illness sufferer will seriously consider this as an option in helping them get rid of their symptoms.   It has certainly helped me and other people I know.


Laurence  (aged 16)




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I am a mum of 4 who works part-time as a secondary school teacher. At 43 years of age, I hit a health wall this summer. I was experiencing extreme dizziness, heavy limbs, headaches, sense of not being present, back ache, brain fog, forgetfulness, tingling, skin crawling. The list of symptoms was extensive and changeable. Frequent visits to my GP left me feeling anxious and uncertain as to what was wrong with me. Bloods taken suggested viral infection and an inner ear infection was diagnosed. I eventually began to feel so tired and unwell that I frequently had to lie down, my GP then suggested that post-viral fatigue was the cause.
A chance discussion with a friend led me to discover Mickel therapy. I am very open to alternative therapies and was keen to try anything to feel more like myself again as life was on hold. With 4 children, feeling chronically fatigued and losing confidence to do anything much beyond our home, was becoming very difficult and depressing.
I called Fiona Watson, a therapist who lives near me. Fiona was very easy to talk to from the start. She said it sounded like an energy disorder and she thought she could help. I arranged my first session and have not looked back since. By having my 6 hour-long sessions with Fiona she helped me to reconnect to my gut feelings and emotions again. I slowly began to see that I had been supressing my own needs and desires for many years and had been having less severe symptoms long before this summer. I have learned to use the keys to health and although I can still experience some symptoms, I am now able to understand what has triggered them. I am looking after myself and my own needs first. Fiona has given me the tools to do so and more than that the confidence and self-belief that I deserve to. Cannot thank her enough.

Julie – Glasgow

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My wife heard about Mickel therapy by researching on the internet and so with great reluctance I spoke to Mickel therapist Jane Sinclair on the phone. She explained to me that my symptoms of constant fatigue, neck and shoulder pain and intermittent tinnitus could be stopped by producing new nerve pathways in my nervous system. Jane said that by changing the way you do things based on how you feel rather than what you think you should do, would help.

I started to notice that I could sometimes reduce the intensity of symptoms by using the 3 keys and when the fatigue was bad and I couldn’t work out why, I would email Jane and she re-assured me and told me what to try.
After 4 sessions my neck pain and fatigue was noticeably reduced although I was slightly disconcerted when I then got shooting pains in my legs instead. Jane explained to me that this was normal and just my body communicating to me that I needed to take action in some way and not to be worried by new pains. They went after a couple of days.
I had 8 sessions in total over 5 months and have been completely well now for 4 months. If the symptoms ever return I feel as though I will know exactly what to do to stop them.
I have started my own business as a garden designer, a life long dream which allows me to be outdoors instead of stuck in an office all the time. I play with my kids at the weekends instead of going to bed and my wife is happy.
I can’t thank Jane and Mickel therapy enough for all her support and for teaching me all this new information about how the body works.
Steve Connor – Rochdale
November 2016


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I can say that Mickel Therapy changed my life

I had been extremely tired for about five years.   I wasn’t house- or bed-bound and had no pain but had been off sick from work for two months when my research led me to Mickel Therapy  and then to Angela Wilson.

Like I imagine most people with M.E., I had tried all the usual things to try and get better – healthy diet, vitamins, yoga, amongst other things – without success.   My G.P. referred me to a Chronic Fatigue clinic where I was ‘diagnosed’ with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.   The therapy there was group sessions where we discussed ‘activity management’ i.e. don’t do anything for more than 20 minutes then have a rest and then do a different activity.   Though resting and relaxation seemed a logical thing to do – rest more when you’re tired – I found my symptoms were gradually getting worse, however.

When I looked into Mickel therapy I was worried that it would be like counselling.   Someone (kind) would sit and listen to me moaning about my life and it might be pleasant but it would get me nowhere.   I would still be tired.   However, coupled with Angela’s kindness, brilliant enthusiasm, hard work, persistence and loyalty I can say that Mickel Therapy changed my life.

I would describe Mickel therapy for me as ‘getting to know yourself’.   Getting to know yourself, finding yourself, being true to yourself, following your own path, etc, are all phrases we constantly hear and though they are wise phrases they can mean nothing in the context of your own life.   For someone like me they were empty phrases.   I didn’t know how to be true to myself.

The Mickel therapy, however, helped me to be true to myself in a way I had never considered before.   Writing down all the (small to begin with) daily occasions when I was tired, bored, angry, and sad and then working through these occasions on my own and then with Angela proved life-changing.   Looking back over my old notes I can see now how negative they were.   But I started to make small changes and the tiredness started lifting.

At the beginning, boredom was my most common feeling but as the sessions progressed and, as Angela constantly affirmed to me that all of my feelings were ok, other feelings started to come to the fore, feelings I had been unaware of.   At first I made small changes: I got up and went for a walk when I felt tired whilst watching TV; I experimented with different activities to see how I felt.   After a few months however, I gave up my job and started training myself to become self-employed.   I started making big changes in relationships.

For some people it seems Mickel Therapy brings about a big change immediately.   For me it was very slow and is still a work in progress.   Life is changing all the time.   My mind is no longer in a fog.   I can dance, socialise, and work without tiredness.   If I feel tired I now know that is my body telling me that I am not happy with the situation I am in;  I need to leave the party early as it’s too noisy;  I need to stop speaking to that annoying person;  I need to get outside because my body wants to move.

Throughout all my Mickel Therapy, Angela’s kindness, perseverance and enthusiasm were constant. Due to my particular personal situation, her loyalty to me and my feelings was invaluable.   She didn’t give up on me even when I struggled with negativity about my situation and I think this is where her own experience of M.E. was invaluable.   She knows what it is like and during the therapy I felt she genuinely believed in and cared for my recovery.

October 2016


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