My Way Forward…….

by Pete

25 June 2014


Totally by chance, whilst looking for a way out of my ongoing depression I came across yet another miracle cure!!!

I carried on reading and was a little intrigued by the claims of Mickel therapy and its clients!!

Being a complete skeptic of all ‘think-positive’ courses I proceeded with doubt in my very depressed state!!!


I became so interested in the testimonials from past and present clients, I decided to call my local therapist and book an appointment.

I arrived for my appointment with a head full of doubt that I could ever be helped at all!!!


My appointment went well, and I listened to all that was said, (not understanding a lot at this point).  I was completely baffled by the information I had been given!!

When I left my first appointment, I had already asked myself so many questions about how this could work, but I made another appointment.

I completed the tasks I had been asked to do and went to my second appointment, only to listen to more strange ideas of how I should look at how my body looks at life? (all foreign to me at the time).

Then as I read more and understood less, strange things started to happen to my emotions, which at times where completely uncontrollable!!!!

Eventually I became able to understand these feelings and emotions coming out from dark places in me!!

Moving forward, I kept going to my therapist for a few months and found my life changing completely!!

I can now deal with issues and challenges that previously would have had me retreating into my depressed shell for days, if not weeks!!!

My keys (you’ll find out how to use them when you do the course, fabulous!) are used every day, allowing me to deal with everyday emotions and giving me a much happier way of life.

It’s an ongoing work in progress, but if this course can help me, (a then skeptic of huge magnitude) I can only recommend and thank the Mickel team and especially my therapist. Thanks to you all.



Pete is a property developer and builder in his mid 50s.  He came to Mickel Therapy after many years of wrestling with Depression, Anxiety and Anger issues.   Although, he was primarily seeking help for depression, he also found some positive side effects came out of the process such as: improved sleep, relief from IBS,  a massive increase in energy and improved concentration and decreased muscle and joint pain.  

I think it is fair to say that Pete struggled with coming to our appointments at times and on a couple of occasions he nearly ‘threw in the towel’.  However, he persevered because he and his family could see the positive changes that were occurring in all areas of his life.  The principles taught in Mickel Therapy are simple but it is not always so easy to apply them in our daily lives and sometimes it feels easier to fall back into old patterns.  However, Pete knew that the rewards for persevering were great and he stuck at it.  He, and I, as his Mickel practitioner, are very glad that he did.


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5 Responses to My Way Forward…….

  1. jane farr says:

    Where can I find a mickel therapist? I am in geelong Australia

    Thank you

  2. An excellent example of Mickel Therapy in action

  3. Fiona Watson says:

    Great experience! Just think how many people there are out there who have depression that can benefit from Mickel Therapy! It’s such a big problem in this country.

  4. Julia McNeill says:

    Thank you to Pete for sharing your experience … Its so good to know Mickel Therapy has been so beneficial for you.

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