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“My health is really now in my hands to control.”




“My health is really now in my hands to control.”

I have fibromyalgia and had been suffering for 3 years gradually getting worse over time, to the point that I was unable to go on long walks, watch my son play football, take my daughter shopping, and even go out dancing with friends.  I had cut back on work and only travelled into the office one day a week.  My life had changed significantly and I felt like a young person trapped in an old person’s body.


When my husband came across Mickel therapy I was pretty sceptical after already spending a fortune on the Perrin technique and many tests and supplements recommended by a nutritionist, all to no avail.  I read as much as I could online and found very mixed reviews where people either seemed to love it or hate it but I decided that anything was worth a try so I contacted my local therapist (Angela Wilson) and arranged my first session.  Everything seems a bit ‘fluffy’ at the start and I was still pretty sceptical but I threw myself into it and did all Angela asked of me each week.


I was really pleased as week by week things started to get better and better.  Angela made the process very easy with her warm and friendly manner putting me at ease as you do have to talk about some fairly personal things.  I am now able to do so many things that I couldn’t before, even exercising which I used to hate!  I wouldn’t say that I am pain free by any stretch but when I feel it getting worse I know what I need to do to reduce it again and my health is really now in my hands to control.  I continue to work on myself and hope that with time I too can be one of the cases who end up totally pain free but it does require a lot of effort in terms of looking out for number one which is very difficult when you have a family to care for and you need to break the habit of putting them first!


Kirsty                                                                                                                   September 2019

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Journey out of symptoms by Clare Caldwell 

clare caldwell

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Broccoli Syndrome!!

By Angela Irving-Brown


Mickel Therapist




There have been lots of blogs about how Mickel Therapy has helped people return to their old self. I wanted to talk about something that I find quite interesting. That is the idea of Broccoli Syndrome. I wondered what on earth that was when I first came across it. I then wondered why “Broccoli” syndrome? Why not “Chocolate” syndrome or “Beer” syndrome? The answer to the latter of these I have still not found but I do understand what the concept is.

card making

When I was going through my recovery I was interested in card making and scrap booking. I still am in fact. I invested rather more than my partner thought I should have in the things I “NEEDED” for this pastime. I spent time at the dining table making cards and trying all sorts of different types of crafts.


I was putting myself first. I was using my keys. Wasn’t I?


Why was it I was still getting symptoms of fibromyalgia when I was doing what I had been taught? Why wasn’t Mickel Therapy working for me anymore?


I remember feeling frustrated and starting to doubt the effectiveness of Mickel Therapy. Then I was introduced to the idea of Broccoli Syndrome.


In what follows you can insert whatever food you like to make it more relevant to your own tastes, but the idea is the same.

groundhog day

Imagine your favourite food, above all else, is broccoli. You tell people that you could live on broccoli, you love it that much. Now imagine getting up for breakfast and all you have in the cupboards is broccoli. So you prepare a lovely bowl of broccoli for breakfast and eat it, accompanied by a cup of coffee.


You then go about your business of the morning until you get to lunch time. Again the only food you have in is broccoli. You are happy about this because it is your favourite food of all. You cook it to perfection, sprinkle with a tad of pepper and sit down to devour your lunch.


After a busy afternoon it gets to teatime. You look in the cupboards and see that you have more broccoli to eat. Not a problem, you think. You decide to sauté it this time in some lovely olive oil. Tea is just yummy.


You go to bed that night happy that you have been able to eat your favourite food so much. The chance of doing this is rare and you have made the most of it.


The next day you get up and look in the cupboards. There is just broccoli there staring back at you. You look at it and think about how much you love it. You then get on with making your broccoli breakfast.


The day progresses much as the day before and you have two more meals of your all-time favourite food. You go to bed satisfied, but not quite as happy as the night before.


The next morning you look in the cupboard for breakfast. And there it is again. That lovely, tasty, green vegetable that you love, honestly. But you are beginning to wish you have gone to the supermarket last night to get something else.


By the following morning you are ready to scream when you see the broccoli there, staring back at you. It seems to be taunting you. It’s saying “you love me, don’t you?” with a sneer on its imaginary face.


That is broccoli syndrome. It is having or doing the same thing that you love, all the time. It is not having variety in what you do, what you eat, where you go and who you see. When this happens you get bored. You are unfulfilled. You feel lonely and worthless. These are all negative primary emotions that, if left unattended, lead to the development of symptoms.


I was using card making as my broccoli. I was doing it whenever I was well enough to do something for myself. It led to me getting angry at it, as well as being bored by it. I was stuck in the same house, in the same room, on my own with no true reason to be there, except I told myself that I was doing stuff for me and putting me first.

I changed

When I changed what I was doing and varied it a bit I started to progress further through my treatment. I still fall into the trap of broccoli syndrome and have to give myself a talking to as to why my symptoms are raising their head again. But using my keys from Mickel Therapy, as well as being aware of the neural pathway, I am able to alleviate any symptoms I get.


Mickel Therapy gives us the tools to listen to our bodies and be honest with ourselves about what we hear. If we can do that and use the tools we can achieve and maintain health.


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Horse Trainer to Health Practitioner

By Patsi Dale

Mickel Therapist

patsi dale




Ten years ago, after finding myself unable to ride my fit event horse for more than 15 minutes without a 6 hour rest, I finally gave in to CFS.

From being a trained Sports Teacher and a highly qualified Riding Instructor who was competing regularly, my life seemed to fall apart.

I spent 18 months looking for the answer, having already tried numerous therapies with a family member, without success.

Screen Shot 2011-12-06 at 14.27.24

Then out of the blue, someone suggested Mickel Therapy. Devised by GP Dr David Mickel, this wonder cure is simple, though tough to work through at times.

After another 18 months, I was back in the saddle, full of all my previous energy for life and more!!


Now, I help others to realise their dreams of regaining their health and enjoying life.

Horses have always been my passion and now equally, I enjoy helping others to realise theirs.


Thank you David and Holly, so much for what you have done.



May we, the 50 practitioners, worldwide spread our news to help many, many, more people regain their health.



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Fleur’s Beating Chronic Fatigue – Geelong Advertiser

June 2012

Inspiring article in Geelong Advertiser, Australia  about Fleur’s recovery from CFS after being bed-bound for 8 months and her remarkable story with the illness.

Read the article>>

In the Geelong Advertiser

Article In the Geelong Advertiser


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Leisa has turned her life around

Back to health - Leisa Zakeri.

Back to health - Leisa Zakeri

A MORAY woman whose life was turned upside down due to ME now hopes to help others facing the same hell.

Leisa Zakeri could barely walk for more than five or 10 minutes without becoming exhausted after she was hit by the debilitating condition – Myalgic Encephalomyelitis.

Leisa (29), from Aberlour, had a flourishing career in London as a trainee occupational psychologist when she became ill.

“I was really fit and used to go to the gym five times a week,” she said.  Continue reading

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Toxic Tiredness examined on TV

Stornoway Gazette – Published on Friday 20 January 2012 12:15

Allison MacColl, a nurse and mother from the Isle of Lewis who suffers from ME and features on the new BBC ALBA documentary.
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BBC documentary aims to raise awareness about M.E

…and highlights cutting edge treatment; Mickel Therapy

To watch part 1 click here

To watch part 2 click here

The chronic condition M.E (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, often referred to as chronic fatigue syndrome) is the subject of a new two part BBC ALBA documentary airing on 23rd and 30th January at 9pm. This aims to raise awareness about the challenges people face with this debilitating condition.

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