Do you suffer from M.E/CFS ,Fibromyalgia, Anxiety or Headaches? Or do you   just feel tired all the time with unexplained fatigue?……then this 1 day workshop to mark M.E Awareness Week is for you.

Clare Caldwell,Director and Head Trainer at Mickel Therapy will share with you the latest information about


How the body generates symptoms

Why the body generates symptoms

and most importantlyWhat you can do to return to symptom free health for good.

You will learn

How and why, the hypothalamus creates symptoms of chronic illness.

The connection between emotions and symptoms

The role of stress.

The 3 core habits that lead to symptoms.

Actions you can start to take right now to return to health.

DATE   Sunday 15th May 2016

TIME    10am to 4.30pm

Venue   The Bramhall Village Club,2 Melbourne Rd,Bramhall,Stockport,SK7 1LR

COST   £70 (£60 early bird rate until 1st  May) .

Cash/cheque/Paypal/or Bank Transfer in advance (No facility for card            payments)

Refreshments provided throughout the day (not including lunch)

              Free Public Talk n Friday 13th may from 8pm to 10pm.   
"If you want to find out more about how 
              Mickel Therapy resolves symptoms and you live in the 
     Manchester/Stockport area then please come 
              along to our FREE PUBLIC TALK on Friday 13th May 2016 
      at The Bramhall Village Club,2 Melbourne Rd,
     Bramhall,Stockport,SK7 1LR at 8pm to 10pm."
              To reserve your free place please contact Jane Sinclair at "