Horse Trainer to Health Practitioner

By Patsi Dale

Mickel Therapist

patsi dale




Ten years ago, after finding myself unable to ride my fit event horse for more than 15 minutes without a 6 hour rest, I finally gave in to CFS.

From being a trained Sports Teacher and a highly qualified Riding Instructor who was competing regularly, my life seemed to fall apart.

I spent 18 months looking for the answer, having already tried numerous therapies with a family member, without success.

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Then out of the blue, someone suggested Mickel Therapy. Devised by GP Dr David Mickel, this wonder cure is simple, though tough to work through at times.

After another 18 months, I was back in the saddle, full of all my previous energy for life and more!!


Now, I help others to realise their dreams of regaining their health and enjoying life.

Horses have always been my passion and now equally, I enjoy helping others to realise theirs.


Thank you David and Holly, so much for what you have done.



May we, the 50 practitioners, worldwide spread our news to help many, many, more people regain their health.



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Fleur’s Beating Chronic Fatigue – Geelong Advertiser

June 2012

Inspiring article in Geelong Advertiser, Australia  about Fleur’s recovery from CFS after being bed-bound for 8 months and her remarkable story with the illness.

Read the article>>

In the Geelong Advertiser

Article In the Geelong Advertiser


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Leisa has turned her life around

Back to health - Leisa Zakeri.

Back to health - Leisa Zakeri

A MORAY woman whose life was turned upside down due to ME now hopes to help others facing the same hell.

Leisa Zakeri could barely walk for more than five or 10 minutes without becoming exhausted after she was hit by the debilitating condition – Myalgic Encephalomyelitis.

Leisa (29), from Aberlour, had a flourishing career in London as a trainee occupational psychologist when she became ill.

“I was really fit and used to go to the gym five times a week,” she said.  Continue reading

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Toxic Tiredness examined on TV

Stornoway Gazette - Published on Friday 20 January 2012 12:15

Allison MacColl, a nurse and mother from the Isle of Lewis who suffers from ME and features on the new BBC ALBA documentary.
Continue reading

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BBC documentary aims to raise awareness about M.E

…and highlights cutting edge treatment; Mickel Therapy

To watch part 1 click here

To watch part 2 click here

The chronic condition M.E (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, often referred to as chronic fatigue syndrome) is the subject of a new two part BBC ALBA documentary airing on 23rd and 30th January at 9pm. This aims to raise awareness about the challenges people face with this debilitating condition.

Continue reading

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Evie Mum’s Delight After Winning Ten-Year Battle For Health

My New Lease Of Life

By Leah Seator

Following a ten-year battle with ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Evie’s Pamela Scott is bed-bound no more, after finding a “miracle cure” she says has given her a second chance at life. Continue reading

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Loving Father hails his miracle recovery

When devoted dad Robert Cameron was struck down with ME three years ago his whole world came crushing down. The married father-of-two had to give up his printing job, his social life, his hobbies and, most heartbreaking of all, he had to give up playing with his children, Ross and Katie. Continue reading

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A Doctor who quit his job to concentrate on finding a cure for what used to be referred to as ‘yuppie flu’ has developed an innovative treatment for the condition.
Continue reading

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