Moray doctor in ‘cure’ claim

A Moray doctor claims to have found a revolutionary new remedy for two debilitating conditions. Former Elgin GP Dr David Mickel claims he can offer hope to people with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia, after successful trials of a psychotherapy treatment programme he has developed. Dr Mickel (34), who lives in Duffus, has quit as a GP at the Victoria Medical Centre in Elgin, where he has worked for the last five years, to pursue his new venture. He has set up Reverse Therapy with London-based psychotherapist Dr John Eaton. They plan to open private clinics in Moray, London and Edinburgh, and are currently recruiting therapists to train in the technique. Over the last 18 months, 39 people have undergone treatment using the therapy and Dr Mickel said the results – all of them have been cured and remain free of symptoms – convinced him they had discovered an effective remedy. Symptoms of the conditions include headaches, lack of concentration, tiredness and painful muscles. While some people have mild symptoms, for others it can be devastating and leave them unable to lead a normal life.

‘One of the most severe cases was a woman who had been ill for 42 years with fibromyalgia and had been unable to work. She hadn’t responded to anti-depressants but she got better after just four sessions and her life has turned round now,’ he claimed.

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