Horse Trainer to Health Practitioner

By Patsi Dale

Mickel Therapist

patsi dale




Ten years ago, after finding myself unable to ride my fit event horse for more than 15 minutes without a 6 hour rest, I finally gave in to CFS.

From being a trained Sports Teacher and a highly qualified Riding Instructor who was competing regularly, my life seemed to fall apart.

I spent 18 months looking for the answer, having already tried numerous therapies with a family member, without success.

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Then out of the blue, someone suggested Mickel Therapy. Devised by GP Dr David Mickel, this wonder cure is simple, though tough to work through at times.

After another 18 months, I was back in the saddle, full of all my previous energy for life and more!!


Now, I help others to realise their dreams of regaining their health and enjoying life.

Horses have always been my passion and now equally, I enjoy helping others to realise theirs.


Thank you David and Holly, so much for what you have done.



May we, the 50 practitioners, worldwide spread our news to help many, many, more people regain their health.



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5 Responses to Horse Trainer to Health Practitioner

  1. Angela Wilson says:

    Wonderful story Patsi, thank you!

  2. thank you patsi.
    it is helpful for people to know that whilst Mickel is very successful it can for some people be challenging at first.
    I look on Mickel as first of all giving us some information we didnt know about the way our body works. Then the Mickel process helps us to apply that new knowledge to enable us to return to health.
    Like learning any new skill it takes time and patience and sometimes making mistakes before we experience a full return to health because making mistakes is how we learn.

  3. Alison Thow says:

    What an uplifting story, Patsi. And what a lovely photo! I was reminded of how difficult it was to go through lots of different ‘therapies’ and slowly realise that they weren’t helping….and then to find Mickel Therapy and have my health and life returned to me. The Mickel process was also a challenge to me but I’m so glad that I stuck with it as I now have full health and no fear of becoming unwell with ME/CFS again.

  4. Jo says:

    Thank you Patsi, great blog post and an amazing photo! Mickel therapy certainly isn’t a walk in the park but it is so worth it and you learn skills for life to keep you healthy!:) x

  5. holly says:

    Lovely to read this Patsi… great photo! Wishing you continued health and happiness x x x

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