Loving Father hails his miracle recovery

When devoted dad Robert Cameron was struck down with ME three years ago his whole world came crushing down. The married father-of-two had to give up his printing job, his social life, his hobbies and, most heartbreaking of all, he had to give up playing with his children, Ross and Katie.

Robert, who is 37 was unable to leave his home as the symptoms of the debilitating illness slowly began to grip.
The constant tiredness, lack of concentration, loss of memory and persistent headaches has turned Robert’s life into a living nightmare. He said, ‘When I was diagnosed it was a massive shock but I had known for some time that something was wrong. My life had changed completely as I was simply unable to do most of the things I had taken for granted. It’s very difficult having to watch your kids grow up in front of your eyes and not be able to take more of an active role. Ross was only five at the time and Katie was only two so my wife Helen practically had to look after them on her own. I hadn’t given up hope of getting my life back but certainly wasn’t looking good.’

By 2004 Robert was a shadow of his former self and despite trying various treatments, his symptoms kept recurring. In the space of two years he went from being a happy family man who enjoyed coaching his local football team, to a father whose illness prevented him from enjoying even the simplest pleasures. Robert had reached his darkest hour and was in desperate need of help – thankfully it was on hand. A family friend spotted a newspaper article about a new treatment called Mickel Reverse Therapy being pioneered by Dr David Mickel. With nothing to lose, Robert decided to try the treatment, a decision which kick started his journey to recovery.

‘When I first heard about Mickel Reverse Therapy I was sceptical because there are so many treatments,’ Robert said. ‘But then I thought to myself that I couldn’t get any worse so decided to go for it. I had to travel to Dundee and then Edinburgh for the treatment and the travelling in itself was extremely daunting and physically draining. I had five one-hour sessions, the last one being about seven months ago. Since then I have not had any symptoms of ME and am back fitter and healthier than I’ve ever been.

It’s been a miraculous recovery and people I meet can’t believe the difference. I’ve been given another chance at life and I plan on making the most of it. This is the first time my daughter has seen her daddy well and for me that is the best thing – being able to take an active role again with my family.

When I was diagnosed with the illness it was one of my lowest points, but in a way it has been the best thing to happen as my life has turned around.’

Robert has now come full circle and he is a qualified Mickel Reverse therapist, practicing from his home in the Murray. His client base is gradually growing and Robert firmly believes the therapy that cured him can work for everyone. He hopes his story will inspire others. He said: ‘After what I went through I can see no better profession than helping others recover also. I know people will doubt MRT but all I can say to them is that it has worked for me and hundreds of others as well. I believe in it because it gave me my life back.’
East Kilbride News, 2nd March 2005

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