Daily Record Article 2007

WHEN dad-of-two Robert Cameron beat ME, he wanted to help others beat the condition too.
Robert, 39, from East Kilbride recovered through Mickel therapy so then decided to train as a therapist.
When he became ill in 2001 he was forced to give up his printing job, social life and playing football as a hobby.
‘The most heart-breaking thing of all was when I had to give up playing with my children, Ross and Katie who were just five and two at the time,’ he recalled.

His wife Helen had to shoulder the brunt of looking after the family as Robert struggled with ill health and spent so much time in bed.

‘The constant tiredness, lack of concentration, loss of memory and persistent headaches turned my life into a living nightmare,’ he said.

‘When I was diagnosed it was a massive shock but I had known for some time that something was wrong. It’s difficult watching your kids grow up and not be able to take an active role.’

By 2004, Robert was a shadow of his former self and despite trying various treatments, his symptoms continued.
Then a friend gave him an article on Mickel therapy.

He said: ‘With nothing to lose I decided to try the treatment, a decision which kick-started my journey to recovery.’
After five sessions Robert’s symptoms had gone.

He says with ME it’s like emotions and feelings are blocked because of a dysfunctional gland in the brain which puts the body out of balance. Part of the therapy is said to help sufferers express their emotions and get back in balance.
‘The tiredness and persistent headaches turned my life into a living nightmare’

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