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My first encounters with Fibromyalgia were in my years as a General Practitioner in Elgin. I soon realised the difficulties that Doctors had been experiencing in trying to treat patients with this frustrating condition. Painkillers were pretty ineffective even at dose that risked nasty side effects. The diagnosis normally ended up being given by our local Rheumatologists who usually added that they had no idea what caused the often, severe symptoms. Our medical training makes this admission one that is difficult to swallow for Doctors and I was no exception.
I spent much of my General Practice years trying all sorts of conventional and alternative treatments with my patients with Fibromyalgia. These were frustratingly unsuccessful.

As I had trained in Hypnotherapy and psychotherapy and had a small private clinic, I started to employ these skills to cases of Fibromyalgia. Again this was fruitless and I was getting nowhere. This is of course not surprising since these techniques were designed to treat ‘psychological’ illness – which Fibromyalgia is not.

I began to notice many similarities between Fibromyalgia syndrome and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/M.E, which suggested a common pathology. It is not uncommon in Medicine for there to be quite a wide spectrum of symptoms associated with any physical illness. As I began to look more closely into these conditions I became more convinced that the problem was arising in the Hypothalamus gland. Over the coming 3 years I started to base my treatment on this assumption and I began to develop what has become Mickel Reverse Therapy. This therapy was unlike anything that had been described before and was basically a talking treatment that was able to treat physical conditions such as Fibromyalgia. This declaration is still one that generates a great deal of scepticism amongst my fellow professional and laymen alike. But then this does not surprise me. If I had been told during my early medical career that someone could treat such devastating physical conditions merely by talking then I would not have believed them.

So what is Mickel Reverse Therapy? This is the most common question that I am asked and still one that I struggle to answer coherently. I think in my defence that this is because it so unlike any other treatments that there are no comparisons to refer to. It is not a psychological treatment, nor hypnosis, nor a form of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. So again what is it?

Well the simplest way to describe it is that it is a treatment that returns a dysfunctional Hypothalamus gland and all the effects of this back to normal. The explanation of this is complicated and it is for this reason that I have written a book on the subject. However the underlying process means that employing the Mickel Reverse Therapy allows us to interpret and translate the chemical, cellular changes that are occurring in the condition as a message from the body’s unconscious. By responding to the energetic content of this message we are able to stop the cellular dysfunction and return the individual to full asymptomatic health.

Now, doesn’t that sound like a load of ‘New Age’ rubbish? It would have to me but I know that this effectively what we do. As I discuss in my book on the subject, we have to be able to look at symptoms of any condition in humans as a form of communication. For example common symptoms such as hunger, although physiological, have a clear inherent message behind them of ‘eat something now’. Applying this same understanding to symptoms of physical conditions means that they then become treatable by Mickel Reverse Therapy.

My experience of reactions to this simplified explanation has taught me that it sounds too good to be true. Indeed one of the first talks I ever did was at small Fibromyalgia Support Group of 12 people. Following my talk, scepticism and disbelief were such that only 3 of the group came to me for treatment. I am glad to say that all three were very soon cured of their Fibromyalgia. In fact it was following one of these cases being successfully treated that I made my decision to leave General Practice and focus solely on Fibromyalgia and CFS/M.E treatment.

Much water has passed under the bridge since then and I know spend most of my time training new Mickel Reverse Therapists in the art and supervising their work, as well as seeing sufferers in my own clinics. We now have treatment centres all over the UK and Ireland and one in Canada. This number will almost double by early next year and will soon involve other European countries. I am delighted to say that the results are still very exciting. But with a declared success rate of at least 86% we are even more vulnerable to scepticism and disbelief. It is for this reason that I am currently trying to set up a proper randomised controlled trial of Mickel Reverse Therapy so that as well as proving its worth we can then persuade Government to make it an NHS service. It is has always been a frustration of mine that the treatment has to be private and expensive, but I am hopeful to change this in the coming 18 months. Details will be available on our website

Dr David Mickel MBChB MRCGP Founder/Director of Mickel Reverse Therapy

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