A Doctor who quit his job to concentrate on finding a cure for what used to be referred to as ‘yuppie flu’ has developed an innovative treatment for the condition.

Dr David Mickel is regarded as an authority on ME (myalgic encephalomyelitis) after spending years studying the ailment which baffled the medical profession for more than a century. He has now written a book about the condition and has trained others to use his therapy on patients.

His book has been written to help sufferers, their families and professionals and is selling throughout the world.
Dr Mickel, 36, is setting up a trial of his work in the hope of persuading the Government to make the treatment available on the NHS.

Thousands of people every year are diagnosed with ME – also known as chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) – and the closely-related condition known as fibromyalgia.

But the cause and methods of treatment have divided medical opinion for many years, with many doctors regarding ME as a depressive condition and referring patients to a psychiatrist.

Dr Mickel was a GP in Elgin but resigned two years ago to develop his interest in the condition and find an effective treatment. During his time as a family doctor he was struck by the increasing number of people who came to his surgery complaining of flu-like symptoms.

Although treatments were available to ease the symptoms, there was no cure as such.
Over the past four years Dr Mickel, who lives at Duffus, near Elgin has worked privately to design a completely innovative treatment for ME/CFS and fibromyalgia.

The therapy requires no medication, no dietary changes or supplements and consists of a series of face-to-face one-hour consultations.

Dr Mickel believes that ME and fibromyalgia are caused by a dysfunction of the hypothalamus, the body’s master gland located in the brain, and the therapy is designed as a body-mind healing process.

He claims his therapy has already cured around 250 patients and is generating interest around the world.
He has already trained 26 therapists – some of them former patients – to carry out treatments. Two of them will be starting work shortly in Aberdeen and Inverness. Later this year he will be going to the US, Canada and Australia to provide training for therapists.

Dr Mickel now hopes to persuade the NHS to adopt his therapy by staging a trial.
‘For the first time there is a cure for people suffering from ME,’ he said.

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09:00 – 29 January 2005

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