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  Mickel Therapy gave me back my life. After 11 years of terrible illness I could not believe how quickly my life returned to normal using Mickel. I had severe ME, anxiety and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. My symptoms were so bad that I was bedridden for most of those 11 years and in a wheelchair when times were better. I could barely eat due to intense stomach pains which made life almost intolerable. The medical system could not help me, and although I had tried every alternative therapy I could find none offered a solution that made any lasting impact. I had literally reached the point of giving up on ever finding a way out when someone told me about Mickel Therapy. I decided to give it a try, and within a year I had regained my health, my life and more happiness than I can tell you! I was keen to make a difference to the lives of others who are struggling with the same condition and so I trained as a Mickel Therapist in June 2016 and now offer sessions face to face and on skype/phone. It is a great honour to be of service in this way. I absolutely love my job, and seeing people regain their lives is the most moving and rewarding aspect of it. My life now is full, active and varied. I love to dance, walk in nature, sing and am involved in local community groups. It seems there is no limit to the fun and fulfilment that is possible in life, and I am always reaching for more!      

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35 miles from Bristol