Practitioner Training

“I am so pleased that I came on the Mickel Therapy training.  Thank you all for such an excellent and enjoyable course.”

Mickel Therapy Training Uk & Australia

Australia (TBC)


Beauly Training

24th-28th June 2016

For further details or to book your place, contact:

Course Details:

➢ Train with senior members of the Mickel Therapy team.

➢ 5 day training event will enable you to begin working with conditions such as CFS/ME/Fibromyalgia, IBS, Depression and Anxiety.

➢ Learn vital skills to help you and your clients achieve optimum health

➢ Comprehensive clinical supervision package and ongoing professional development training provided following training.

➢ Immediate addition to Mickel Therapy website as a Mickel Therapy practitioner to allow clients to contact you to begin their treatment.

Training includes:

➢ 5 days training

➢ Practitioner training manual

➢ First year’s annual fee (£240)

➢ Lunch


£1,750 Early Bird rate

£2,050 Full price

Practitioner Training Requirements

There are no specific academic prerequisites for training as a pracitioner in Mickel Therapy and ex-clients are invited to apply.  However, potential candiates are invited to complete a brief application form and interview prior to acceptance for training. Successful application is dependant on personal attributes as well as geographical location.

The terms and agreement details the fees involved in this. All potential therapists should have read this and accepted its terms before embarking on training in Mickel Therapy.