“After 25 years of Anxiety and Depression, Mickel Therapy helped me get well!”

For 25 years I suffered from nervousness leading into deep anxiety and stress which developed into depression and feelings of worthlessness. Physically I experienced joint pains, rigidity in major muscles, pressure headaches and extreme exhaustion.

Initially I found the therapy quite mentally and emotionally challenging, addressing issues and talking about myself was uncomfortable for me. But I quickly realised that the seemingly simple techniques were powerful tools that really worked.

Fiona Watson was a super therapist!! Happy, directional, full of practical suggestions as to how I could move forward. Yet realistic too, but always positive and empathetic. Her pithy reminders still ring in my ears when needed. I completed my 6 sessions in just 3 months!!

Since completing MT I make sure of the more important things – taking care of my own emotional needs are essential for all other aspects of life to improve. I have revisited old hobbies and embarked on some new ones, make more time for friends and look to include more people generally. My physical symptoms are vastly improved also my aversion to social gatherings has all but gone. If I do experience negative emotions I recognise them as such and use my keys!! I understand that acting on those emotions is what makes me feel good, and that knowledge alone gives me peace of mind. Thank you for putting the pieces together for me.

October 2018

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