By Elizabeth McFadyen

I had been suffering a variety of conditions including chronic fatigue ,widespread pain and insomnia for many years. During those years and for some time before it,I had encountered several difficult life experiences,many of which led to me focusing much of my energy on caring for those closest to me my symptoms continued to worsen untilventually my doctor diagnosed fibromyalgia. It was soon after that I learned about Mickel Therapy and got in touch with the therapist,Elizabeth Mcfadyen. Elizabeth’s passion for Mickel Therapy,along with her caring and professional manner,all helped to make my sessions helpful and effective. She not only explained very clearly why I was getting these symptoms but also outlined the basis of Mickel Therapy so well that it was not long before I had gained the tools to allow me to find a way of removing my symptoms Within 2 sessions I knew that the Therapy was working for me and that,with Elizabeth’s guidance and encouragement my life was at last changing for the better. I have now reached a stage where I no longer feel the need for further sessions. However Elizabeth’s willingness to offer a follow up service of 10 minute phone calls for “little reminders” if required provides comfort in the event of forgetting small details which may make all the difference. By making me aware of how my busy lifestyle had become that I had denied myself the time to recognise and listen to my emotion,Elizabeth taught me how to give more importance to my own needs to reduce physical symptoms. I now feel the routes I have taken in recent months have allowed my body to heal itself to an extent I would never have dreamed of prior to discovering Mickel Therapy and such a wonderful therapist. SC





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