Everyday was an effort

I had reached the stage in December 2012 of lying in my recliner chair basically unable to do anything. I believe that people are drawn to or forced to do things in life. I am not sure which path I took to Mickel Therapy. I was prompted to try it, after having tried umpteen things to help me without success. It was an article in “The Inverness Courier” that motivated me to take action. I took the attitude to believe, that Mickel Therapy, if not curing me of my I.B.S. would help to relieve some of the symptoms, I was experiencing.

I was diagnosed with I.B.S. approximately seven years ago, having suffered with symptoms, to a varying degree for many years. My symptoms were as follows: being permanently having a flu type illness (I categorized this as feeling mouldy all the time), fatigue, bloating, pain, brain fog (an excellent description of mental state, taken from Mickel Therapy information), constipation, urgency at times of needing to go to the toilet, body heat, face waxy like that of a corpse, half shut eyes and my wife being able to detect a distinct smell from my body, when I was really mouldy.

If you are suffering from some or all of these symptoms, I recommend that you undergo Mickel Therapy.

The training is tailored to an individual’s needs. I required ten sessions. I am not sure at what point I began to feel better, but from the first session onwards, I knew that these sessions were going to be of benefit to me and latterly I found them to be really enjoyable.

Every day I am thankful for my recovery and I am very appreciative of the help Clare Caldwell, my therapist gave me.

Alasdair Fergusson, June 2013

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