Hi, my name is Dorcas Sherwin from Dublin, Ireland, and I want to say that I am so thankful for Mickel Therapy and especially for Fiona Watson, an excellent counsellor, who very kindly and clearly helped me to understand and apply the principles of Mickel Therapy and learn techniques that i have now incorporated into my daily life and that will benefit me my whole life! One thing I want to say in particular about Fiona is that she is a very good listener!! And not only that, she’s an empathetic listener, who listens to understand not just to reply, and that’s quite a rare and beautiful gift i have to say! 🙂

So the reason I tried Mickel therapy is because I was basically frequently very sick or under serious stress. I have endometriosis for the last 27 years and along with that a very weak immune system and I would get regular flu/cold/infection symptoms as well as isolated headaches, backaches, migraines, nausea and other symptoms. I also suffered from bouts of depression, anxiety and panic attacks.

Although I had improved my endometriosis symptoms a lot through diet and nutrition i would still experience colds/infections/anxiety or migraines from time to time which didn’t make sense to me and was affecting my quality of life! Then a friend told me about Mickel therapy and I decided to give it a go.

I met Fiona and as she explained to me the principles of Mickel therapy and how our body and health is affected through proper understanding of the triggers and management of stress and emotions it made complete sense.

Over the course she explained a lot and helped me to learn and understand how to use the ‘tools’ of Mickel therapy. It was like learning to ride a bike, a bit wobbly at first but once I got the hang of it I was off! I did have a few stumbles after the course was finished but Fiona was there and willing to help me get back on again. This entire process all took ONLY 6 SESSIONS and I am truly amazed by the results.

The flu like and infection symptoms that I would have nearly all the time have mostly gone, the frequent bouts of depression and anxiety have gone, i literally haven’t had a migraine since and my endometriosis symptoms are continually improving as I continue to apply what i’ve learned.

So, as I said at the start I am so thankful for the difference this has made to me personally and would definitely recommend it as a very practical and effective therapy to assist in treating a wide range of problems & symptoms, as many of us, for various reasons, have not had the opportunity or the ability to learn some of these necessary and very valuable skills & tools for life!

Dorcas Sherwin
Dublin, Ireland

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