I no longer have any feelings of ending my life ….


My name is Hannah and I am currently 24 years old.   I was diagnosed with endometriosis when I was 18, after a second laparoscopy.   To be poked and prodded at such a young age with internal scans, examinations, I’d be lying if I said it hasn’t left me some scars more than just physical.

Throughout the years I have also suffered with migraines, back pain, heart palpitations, dizzy spells, fatigue and unexplained stomach and bowel pains – all being investigated with various procedures on the NHS with no diagnosis or explanation as to why I was getting symptoms.

It was constant daily battle and struggle with this pain, it builds and builds until the point when you don’t want to go through it anymore.

April 2013 was breaking point for me.   I had only been going through this for a year but it was one of the most invasive and painful years of my life.

I had been given painkillers on prescription and I decided one night that I would take them all.   I just wanted to be out of my pain, I wanted to slip away never having to deal with it ever again.

I have one of the most amazing families in the world, and at that point in my life I never even considered the effect my decision to take my life would ever have had on them.

Five years on, I had to go through more pain, another surgery to sort things.   The imprint left on my body was long from gone.   I was never offered help for the effect this had on my emotions.

At the start of last year I was offered counselling through my GP – but in all honestly, after three weekly sessions, all my emotions were brought up with nowhere to go with them and I just felt drained!

Then I had a breakdown and I was diagnosed with depression, and put on an antidepressant.   I knew I didn’t want this to be a long term solution, being dependent on pills.   I wanted my life back, I wanted to be back in control!

I was introduced by a family member to Mickel Therapy a few years before … but in all honesty I hadn’t come to terms with admitting to myself how I actually felt, or that I needed to take action for myself.   Because everything had been so physical, it almost blocked out the need for me to see the emotional side of it all.   But a few months ago, it was the right time for me.   It needed to be dealt with after six long years.

This action based therapy results in the client regaining control of their life again.   I have been through this wonderful therapy in just five sessions and with the help of my therapist Angela Wilson, I no longer have any feelings of ending my life, in fact I feel so back in control of my life and I’m now enjoying getting on with it!

Angela is one of the loveliest women I have ever met.   She put me right at ease and helped me to understand how the therapy would help me regain my life.   I genuinely wish I had done this sooner!

I may not get those six years back … but I now have the rest of my life to live and I can’t be anything but grateful to Mickel Therapy.

Hannah Watson

January 2018












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