“I can’t believe how quickly everything turned around for me!”

I’m a 23 year old female, and through circumstances in life, I’ve suffered with Anxiety. This at times, left me not wanting to leave the house. I didn’t feel I could be in social situations without panicking beforehand. I also had self worth issues, not feeling happy with who I was and constantly putting myself down and comparing myself to others. I had bouts of feeling really down and I would go days without talking to people. I thought there was no way out of the numbness I was feeling.

On a physical level, I was also experiencing back pain, joint pain, constant sore throats, headaches and skin problems not to mention terrible fatigue. This went on for a few years. Never would I have thought that this was my body’s way of telling me it needed help!

A friend recommended for me to try Mickel Therapy. My experience of the therapy is a very positive one! Right from the word go, my therapist, Fiona Watson, was very understanding and knew exactly what was the right course of action for me. I can’t believe how quickly everything turned around for me! Within just 5 sessions my physical symptoms and the Anxiety had all completely gone and I am the person I’m meant to be.

Im still a work in progress, but I have learned to put myself first, and understand my emotions and importantly, how to act on them, as a result any symptoms have  now gone.

This is definitely a therapy I would recommend to anyone who suffers from Anxiety. Im just so happy to finally have found a way to understand and act on my emotions and to be healthy and happy again.

ZH, Glasgow 

March 2018


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