“I don’t know how to put into words the immense gratitude I feel for what I now refer to as my miracle cure; towards Leisa Zakeri my therapist and Dr Mickel for his pioneering work”

I had had ME/Chronic Fatigue for the last 14 years and had resigned myself to living
with it, managing the condition through coping strategies that I thought were
working as well as anything could. I had pretty much accepted the conventional view
that it isn’t really ‘curable’. I recognise now that the very coping mechanisms that I
was using were actually exacerbating the problem and I was stuck in a vicious cycle.
A new acquaintance of my husband’s recommended trying Mickel Therapy as she
had been helped by it. I was a bit sceptical actually but as I was pretty desperate I
also thought I didn’t have much to lose from giving it a try.
I am so glad I found Leisa! We hit it off straight away and from the first I knew I could
have absolute confidence in her skills as a therapist and in her as a warm, caring
human being who really understood my experiences. I did throw myself into it quite
wholeheartedly which probably helped I think. I noticed results almost immediately
and this encouraged me to keep going with the new techniques I was learning and to
trust the theory. Leisa was very patient and needed to help me to keep coming back
to the principles again and again so that I really understood what I was doing, why
and how best to approach things as I struggled with them. I felt total confidence in
Leisa; I particularly appreciated that she paid a lot of attention to detail and was very
perceptive and insightful. The therapy is simple in many ways yet challenging in
another because in my experience it is about changing habits and requires
commitment and practice. But that is perhaps also its strength – this isn’t about just
getting rid of feelings of tiredness and other physical symptoms, for me it has been
transformative on many levels.
We had nine sessions in total over a period of five months, and a follow up one eight
weeks later but I was reassured throughout knowing that I could email or speak to
Leisa whenever I needed to between sessions. I really felt that she offered complete
support and the therapy was without question very good value for money.
One fabulous aspect of my recovery has been the realisation that I thought I had got
better a few times before I did Mickel Therapy but looking back I know that I wasn’t
better, I was perhaps only 90% better. Leisa helped me to see how my recovery
could be complete and that I didn’t have to settle for ‘good enough’ in this instance.
There have been some other highlights – my amazement when I saw how much
boredom, lack of joy and fulfilment I was experiencing in my day to day life and I
absolutely had a view of myself that I’m not someone who ever gets bored! And the
joy, how I’ve brought joy back in to my life, found myself again when really I’d
become a little lost somewhere along the way. And I’m well on the way now to
climbing a proper hill again – I’ve had a little practise run and found it easy – and that
was something I had given up the idea of ever being able to do again. I know that I
will need to use Mickel Therapy techniques to keep me well and I am not
complacent but I am like a new woman! And I feel as though I can live the life I want
to now which is huge.

So Mickel Therapy has been quite literally life-changing for me and it really has been
like a miracle, words cannot convey the gratitude I feel. I can’t recommend it highly
enough and Leisa is absolutely worth her weight in gold! Thank you Leisa.
May 2019

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