I Feel Like I have my Life Back

In September 2005, I noticed that I was increasingly tired after a strenuous exercise class.  This tiredness lasted for up to 4 days at a time. I would recover just in time to go to the next one.  However, I wanted to keep going as I had been diagnosed with slightly raised blood pressure and was unable to tolerate blood pressure tablets.
I finally gave up on the class during December that year.  There were also a number of other issues that all came to a head during the time.
I was unable to go out and only managed to continue to look after my son, do some housework and bookkeeping for my husband through sheer will power.
I did gradually make a recovery over the next five months so that by the summer of 2006 I was more or less back to normal.  However, I was always worried that the symptoms would reappear as I had been unable to discover why I had them (and neither had my doctor).
For the next 3 years I would go through the same pattern, suffer a relapse and then slowly recover, usually over a period of three to five months.  However, each “recovery” left me slightly less fit than the previous one.  In January 2009 I tried the far infra red sauna blanket (along with a along list of supplements) and did notice a slight improvement.  Then I read the book “ Recovery from CFS-50 Personal Stories” by Alexandra Barton.
There are many inspiring stories in there but I was most struck by the people who said they had tried Mickel
Therapy.  They stood out to me because their recovery was so quick and thorough compared to others.
I started Mickel Therapy in July 2009 and I have to say I was sceptical, but I started to put into practice the techniques I was taught and to my amazement I started to improve.  I even managed to cope well with the summer holidays, which I always dreaded because I had to look after my son full time.
Since then, I have not looked back and feel as though I have got my life back.  All I can say is, give it a go, you will be amazed!  It also teaches you how to cope if you feel yourself relapsing.  I now feel completely confident that I am able to deal with anything that life throws at me.
December 2009
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