I had nothing to lose but gained everything

I was living an active lifestyle until I became unwell in June 2005. After extensive medical investigation I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome by 2 different Neurological Consultants in October 2006. My life by this point had altered dramatically. I gave up my job, had to cut back most of my social life and generally had to rely on my family for getting me out and about. My symptoms were present all the time and included acute muscle pain, headaches, sore throat, balance problems, difficulty with memory and speech at times and little or no energy. The medical profession offered no real solution to my condition other than the chances were that I would eventually recover, although no one could tell me how long this could take. Apart from being told to rest, graduated exercise and medication for the muscle pain, there was nothing else they could offer.

In May 2008 having read an article in The Herald on Mickel Therapy, I decided that there was nothing to lose by looking in to this treatment. Having been so unwell for the last 3 years I was prepared to try anything, although apprehensive at the prospect of more disappointment. I contacted Lynda and had my first session of Mickel Therapy in July 2008. I instantly felt in safe hands with Lynda and she gave me confidence from that first session that I was going to regain my health. I noticed an improvement in my symptoms within the first week. Over the following 2 weeks I had a further 2 sessions. I could not believe the results I was getting! By August I was able to walk 3 miles without any symptoms. I could now plan multiple activities for each day, compared with the allocating of my limited energy as I had done prior to commencing treatment. I was excited at the prospect that I was actually getting somewhere! A fourth session followed shortly after and by then I was really getting to grips with the techniques and my health continued to improve.

Since last August I have gone from strength to strength. My symptoms have all gone and my energy levels are almost back to 80-90% normal. My family and friends have the person they knew before back with them and I have my life back! Its all thanks to the help of Lynda and Mickel Therapy. I cannot recommend it highly enough.
FW, Glasgow (April ‘09)

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