I have my life back!

I had CFS for 8 years before trying Mickel Therapy. Going through a stressful time moving abroad, losing my father, being homesick for family and having a demanding job brought on the illness. I tried different things, mostly based around diet, vitamins and graduated exercise which helped to some extent but one slight illness and I was back to square one. Two years ago I discovered Mickel Therapy but at that time the cost was prohibitive and I had already spent quite a bit of money looking for a cure.

Talking to my cousin (who lives in Exeter) one day, she asked me if I had heard about Mickel Therapy as she had been talking to Trevor Gardner who runs a practice there. I said that I had, but like a lot of people I was sceptical about it working for me. I looked into it again, got in touch with Trevor (who was very helpful) and decided to go for it! I travelled down to Exeter for my first appointment in April then have had sessions via Skype since then.

After my first session I felt an improvement as it all made so much sense to me and after that just kept on getting better, putting into practice what I had learnt. Today (July) was my last session as I am well again. I can’t quite believe that it has taken such a short amount of time to turn my life around. I am now exercising 5 days a week training for a triathlon, as well as doing an Open University course and volunteer work for a charity. Thanks to Mickel Therapy and Trevor, I have my life back!


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