I highly recommend Mickel Therapy for persons who experience anxiety, fatigue and nausea. I personally couldn’t handle this constant feeling of anxiousness that I was experiencing, it had grown a lot in the last 12 months and it caused me to have trouble sleeping and my body would react through both nausea and stomach pains.

I found out about Mickel Therapy from a friend and she gave me Fiona Watson’s number. I was initially nervous, but knew I needed to do something and so gave her a ring one day. With the support of my mum beside me, at the initial consultation, I explained the problems I’d been experiencing. Fiona was very encouraging to me and told me that we would take control of these symptoms and I would be feeling great again in a matter of sessions.

I had my first appointment a few weeks later. Fiona equipped me with the skills and tools I needed to deal with anxiety, to find a balance in my life and sometimes just to be able to say no. I felt like I had learnt so much in the first session alone and the worksheets that I filled out each night were so helpful. I had a total of 5 sessions over a couple of months. Of course I had set backs but Fiona helped me get back on track.

A few months later and I’m feeling so good. Every now and again I experience anxiety but that is normal and I know how to fix it. I haven’t had serious nausea and pains in about 5 months and now I sleep like a baby! I highly recommend Mickel Therapy to all. Thanks Fiona!

August 2018

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