I would recommend this therapy to anyone

I have suffered from the condition called chronic fatigue for over two years now.  It was a long road to diagnosis as I was under a lot of stress at work (due to a very hostile working environment) and it was suggested that I was suffering from stress or depression due to this.  However, the medication they gave me had no effect and my symptoms continued and actually got worse – the main ones being fatigue and muscular pain.
When I was eventually diagnosed with CFS, things didn’t miraculously get better – in some ways they got a lot worse:  I was paid off from my job and I had to sell my house and move back with my parents.  I found this all very hard and was at a loss as to how to get better.  I was sent to physiotherapy  and cognitive therapy but neither treatments had any positive effect on the condition.
I discovered the Mickel Therapy website in December 2008.  Having watched the videos on the main page, I was so relieved to realise that a doctor had actually made progress with the condition to find out that it was caused by the malfunction of the hypothalamitis gland. I immediately emailed Lynda Carnochan and set up my first three therapy sessions with her.  I cannot begin to explain the huge difference that these sessions have made to my health.   The techniques made so much sense to me and I found them to have such a positive impact on my health.  I have now been back working full time for over 5 weeks now and my health has dramatically improved.  It is so nice to be able to work and enjoy my weekends instead of feeling so fatigued all the time that I barely left the house.  The techniques I learnt have been so useful and I will continue to use them in the future.  I would recommend this therapy to anyone who knows that there is a better life beyond the fatigue. With the help of a Mickel Therapist you will be able to seize your life back and move on to living it to the full!
ER, Ayrshire (March ‘09)
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