I had been suffering from anxiety issues since I was a small child, and had been diagnosed with Generalised Anxiety Disorder in my twenties. I had three separate courses of CBT over the years, each typically lasting around 8-10 sessions. I also had person centered psychotherapy with more than one practitioner. And for the last ten years I have taken various sorts of SSRI medication to help with the anxiety. It came to a head at the end of last year when I became completely burned out and was unable to sleep which compounded the anxious feelings.

I had heard of Mickel Therapy over 10 years ago as a relative had CFS and had found Mickel therapy extremely useful. However, I was sceptical about how useful I would find it for anxiety. A friend recommended I try it and put me in touch with Fiona Watson. I felt better after just a few sessions and by the sixth and final session I felt more in control of my anxiety and my life in general.

Mickel is unlike any other therapy I have tried since it focuses on our emotions rather than thoughts and I always struggled in CBT to out-think how I was feeling. It also equipped me to develop coping strategies which I found empowering. I would love to say that I am anxiety free now, I still suffer with anxious thoughts from time to time but it is not dominating my life in the way it used to and I have been able to stop taking medication now which I thought I would be on indefinitely. I would thoroughly recommend Mickel to anyone suffering from anxiety as it has transformed how I think about life. Fiona was the right person for me to have as a therapist as our sessions were structured and practical. I always looked forward to them and felt better afterwards. Thank you Fiona.
JULY 2018

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