“Laugh as much as you can and don’t give up”

LindaHaving been a very healthy child and teenager, it was a bit of a shock to find myself suffering a series of throat infections when I was at College in the 60s. I never felt right afterwards despite having my tonsils removed which I thought would help. It wasn’t until 1980 when I met a lady who recognised my symptoms – her friend was a chronic sufferer. I was given some literature from the M.E. association and realised what I had. Strange and persistent symptoms such as photophobia and intolerance to alcohol were now explained. I was advised by my friend to see her friend’s heart specialist who had become quite an expert on M.E. and he confirmed the diagnosis. This was 1981 and it was clear that there would be no help from any of the GPs in my practice, and that it wasn’t even to be mentioned. I began the long journey to search for wellness, finding a good deal of help and relief from homeopathy which enabled me to work part time.

In 1994 when I reached the menopause, my system went haywire which was trying and frightening at times. 2004 was a bad year with bereavements and I could feel I was losing ground. In desperation one day I sat at the computer and googled the words – M.E. and cure. Up came Dr Mickel’s site and I read about his therapy. A few years previously I had tried some reflexology. ‘There’s something wrong with your lower back and your hypothalamus’, I’d been told. I’d always thought my back was ok, but later discovered that I had a curved lower spine, so when I saw Dr Mickel’s theory about inflammation of the hypothalamus it really resonated with me! I went to Gill Gough in Great Yarmouth. I enjoyed working with Gill and letting the process unfold. How fascinating it was to find out why it had all started and how to learn to recover. Instead of feeling angry and helpless when I felt ill, I began to look on my symptoms as my friends, knocking on the door, trying to tell me something. This alone took a lot of stress out of my life. As the therapy progressed, I could feel actual changes in my body taking place. It didn’t seem to matter that I had been ill for such a long time. Half way through the therapy I walked up a steep slope without having to stop frequently , and I knew recovery was on the way. Steps and slopes had always been tricky! Apart from all this, the therapy was enlightening and fascinating. I’d been quite sure at the beginning that I would train as a Mickel therapist afterwards, but half way through I knew that I had to carry on as a needlecraft designer, because expressing myself was vital!

At the end of treatment my husband and I went for a weekend break, during which I was able to walk so much that my feet became very sore – a new experience for me! This was followed a while later by a holiday in Fowey where the streets are so steep, there are handrails to assist you, but it was no problem!

I also realised that my thyroid might have been underactive for some years, but it took some time to get help for that! I was told my blood tests were in the ‘normal’ range and would I like some anti-depressants?! This was so familiar I nearly laughed! I changed doctor and am now on thyroxine. I have done a lot of research into nutrition to help my thyroid, but something else has helped me immensely!! Yes, you’ve guessed – some more therapy! I may have had a quiet life with little travel, but I’ve been on an amazing inner journey – enlightening and such fun! My advice to M.E. sufferers – give yourself up to the process and enjoy it. And, most important – laugh as much as you can, and don’t give up. If I can get well, then so can you.

Linda Randell (age 65 and Granny to 4 boys. I don’t look it of course due to the quiet and healthy life I’ve lived!)

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