Male Age 47

I Started Mickel therapy after a friend recommended, I was diagnosed with fybromialgia 6 months ago although I had been suffering for a number of years. I had to give up work due to fybromialgia and also a back injury,
I got in touch with Derek Eaton(Mickel therapist) I have to be honest after my
1st session I thought how could it work! I was given keys or actions to apply in my my daily life on that night I had a burst of energy coming out of nowhere! Strange as I would normally only be able to cope with only 15 minutes maximum of activity and then be exhausted for the rest of the day, but after my 1st session I was able to stay active for 2 hours and feeling fine after it, I applied those keys daily and kept a diary of my progress and events, on my second week I was able to be pain free for a few hours at a time I also felt more in control of myself,… I had 6 sessions of mickle therapy I feel that I am now in control of my life and on the road to recovery….

Many thanks to Derek Eaton.

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