Mickel Therapy Got Me Well.

I was diagnosed with M.E as a young teenager and have lived with it in varying degrees for about 16 years. Symptoms included extreme tiredness, headaches, stomach pain, IBS, brain fog and concentration difficulties, problems regulating body temperature and at times extreme anxiety. I have tried many conventional and alternative therapies with little or no relief.

I heard about Mickel Therapy through a friend who had just completed it, but I had doubts. During my free consultation with Fiona Watson a lot of these doubts were allayed, and as I began to understand the therapy properly all of my doubts disappeared. I had 5 sessions with Fiona Watson over 2 months and I have never felt such relief. Not just relief from physical symptoms, but also relief in understanding how my body and mind work together and how to properly look after myself.

Fiona Watson explained things to me very clearly and very kindly. She was supportive, I didn’t feel judged and she was so happy for me when things started to improve. She understands the therapy thoroughly and I appreciated very much talking to someone who has themselves been through the same treatment.
Laura, Glasgow

September 2016


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