Mickel therapy has released me from my nightmarish prison-like existence

I’m on the beach in a small Spanish ‘pueblo’, blue water lapping softly on the shore and the sun warming my back. A well deserved holiday from my hectic 4  day week job, which i love, and doing up my recently bought flat.

Feeling  fit and healthy, courtesy of my regular gym visits, I’m striding out along the  coast and have never felt better. A veritable dream come true, Mickel therapy  has released me from my nightmarish prison-like existence of 23 hours in bed –  unable to read, watch TV or bear the slightest noise!

Isolated and losing the  will to continue I have been given back the basics in life most others naturally  take for granted. Freedom to walk, talk, work, socialise and just be Ms  Average…..although to me it feels like being Ms World.

To Mickel Therapy and Martin Boddie I thank you with all my heart.

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