MT changed my life

After reading an article in the Glasgow Herald I went along to the Body and Soul Fair in Glasgow to hear Dr David Mickel give a talk.

I had suffered CFS/ME for 7 years after returning from Australia where I had lived for a year after graduating from university. I had always been an active and strong person who definitely lived life to the full. I was told by my GP my symptoms were a result of a serious case of food poisoning I had whilst in Australia.

Over the next couple of years my health deteriorated rapidly until I could hardly walk upstairs or eat a meal without having to lie down. I had to resign from my dream job as a police officer and leave my flat in Glasgow to move home with my parents in Stranraer (the only positive thing to come out of this was I met my wonderful fiancé!). I became more and more of a recluse, never leaving the house and lost contact with all of my friends. It was as if the old me had died and I know now how difficult this must have been for my family to see. The only people I felt safe around were my family as they seemed to be the only ones who understood that what I was going through was real – not just “depressed” or “a bit down”.
I was prescribed anti-depressants, referred to countless specialists, tried hypnotherapy, dietary changes and homeopathy – none of which helped whatsoever.

After attending the talk I got in touch with Lynda – I was still not convinced the therapy would work as it seemed too good to be true but I was willing to try anything which would improve my quality of life even a little bit.  I immediately felt at ease with Lynda and felt I could talk to her about things I had never talked to anyone about. I felt so uplifted to hear her story and know that Mickel Therapy cured her ME.

After only one session I began to feel better, although at first I wasn’t sure whether this was just positive thinking. However, as the sessions continued and I worked hard using the MT tools at home it was as if the big dark cloud that had been hanging over me for all these years was beginning to lift.

After 9 sessions with Lynda and 6 months since my last appointment I find it hard to believe how my life has turned around. Nowadays I tend not to think of how my life was before MT but instead look to the future and just feel grateful for the life I am living now.
My body and mind feels like mine again. I am working full time, planning my wedding in October and generally living life to the full – dancing, socializing, shopping! My main achievement is riding horses again – my one true love and something me and my family would never have thought possible again.

Words cannot express how much discovering MT and meeting Lynda have changed my life. She is a warm and bubbly character who offered me great understanding, filled me with confidence and gave me the strength to get better. And for this I will be eternally grateful.

FH, Stranraer, August 2009

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