So here I am, recovered

‘Mount Olympus itself is too low and commonplace a vantage point from which to reflect on the journey that I have recently undertaken, for I have been given that which is rarer than hens teeth – a second chance to live.  This is what Dr. Mickel and his trusty cohorts do – dispense fresh beginnings with the compassion of angels and the certainty of night following day.

My therapist (importantly, an ex-sufferer of ME), a genial self-deprecating sort called Trevor Gardner, was never in any doubt of my recovery, even though I shunned his form-filling and searched in vain for his ‘penny drop’ moment.  I felt constrained by his methodology but wanted so desperately the tantalus of health that he offered.  So I persevered.  I kept turning up.  I listened.  I thought.  And I got better.  I don’t know how.  I couldn’t quantify it or define it for all the tea in China, but that’s what happened.  And that is what you must do, gentle reader.  Trust these people.  Believe in them even if you can’t believe in yourself.

Mickel Therapy is extremely effective but very subtle.  Having missed the promised ‘penny drop’ moment, I surprised myself one day by running up the stairs two at a time, just like I used to.  That’s when I knew that I would recover.  After five years of struggling out of bed (some days not even bothering to try to struggle), forgetting my phone number, aching in places I’d previously been unaware of, doubting my sanity, hating everybody and everything, crying for no good reason, attempting to escape from migraines, and worst of all losing the friendship of good people who simply didn’t understand…well, the merest whiff of recovery was all the encouragement that I needed to finish the journey.

So here I am, recovered, contemplating relocation and a return to work, heralding this new dawn with alacrity, yes, but also with disbelief and gratitude.  As I reflect on the genius of Dr. Mickel and the likelihood of him assuming his rightful place among the giants of medicine, Lister, Fleming and Barnard among them, I stand on Mount Olympus and look upwards.  It’s the only way, if you want to thank him.’

DM – August 2009

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