“What I have learnt through having M.E/CFS and through doing Mickel therapy will serve me for the rest of my life.”


I began getting increasingly exhausted in my final year of university, from September 2015. Over a few months it steadily increased from ‘more tired than usual’ to struggling to walk the usual 15 minute journey to uni. A nasty bout of flu knocked me down further in December I became hardly able to leave my flat, let alone meet university deadlines.

Despite being a keen student who loves studying, I decided to take the risk of dropping out from my studies for a year. Any simple task was a huge battle and I couldn’t look after myself. I retreated to my parent’s home for a year of rest in January 2016. But my symptoms didn’t disappear.

My body was weak, and my mind constantly foggy. I struggled to concentrate: reading books or having conversations with people would leave me with brain fog – which sometimes became painful headaches. I forgot words as I spoke. When watching TV, I would have to watch in 10 minute chunks, or I would get too mentally and physically exhausted. Sometimes my legs and arms would ache, sometimes my hands would tremble with weakness.

The turning point came when I tried Mickel therapy in April 2016. After seeing the therapy recommended in a book of recovery stories from CFS/M.E., I got in contact with therapist Angela Wilson, who was able to help me via Skype sessions. She taught me the principles of Mickel therapy, explaining that my symptoms were linked to emotional triggers. This was confusing to me at first, but I soon learnt that there were unresolved emotional triggers in my life situation which were the underlying causes of my chronic fatigue. I was taught how to apply measures to overcome these triggers, and I began to ‘get it’ after my second session. After being nearly completely housebound I began confidently going out and about – spending a day shopping, going for walks, and stepping out of my comfort zone. Within the next few months, I gently began stepping out even more – travelling on my own, and taking a gentle part time job.

In October 2016, I moved back to my university city and I restarted my full time studies in January 2017. I graduated in July 2017 with a first class degree, top of the class!

I can confidently say that this would never have happened without Mickel therapy. With understanding and spirit, Angela gradually encouraged me back to health, and what I have learnt through having M.E/CFS and through doing Mickel therapy will serve me for the rest of my life. I know how to manage triggers and be kind to my health now, and that is invaluable.

Your emotional, physical and mental wellbeing is precious, and worth protecting. I am so grateful to Angela and to those who have developed Mickel therapy for helping me recover from M.E.!


August 2017






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