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“After 25 years of Anxiety and Depression, Mickel Therapy helped me get well!”

For 25 years I suffered from nervousness leading into deep anxiety and stress which developed into depression and feelings of worthlessness. Physically I experienced joint pains, rigidity in major muscles, pressure headaches and extreme exhaustion.

Initially I found the therapy quite mentally and emotionally challenging, addressing issues and talking about myself was uncomfortable for me. But I quickly realised that the seemingly simple techniques were powerful tools that really worked.

Fiona Watson was a super therapist!! Happy, directional, full of practical suggestions as to how I could move forward. Yet realistic too, but always positive and empathetic. Her pithy reminders still ring in my ears when needed. I completed my 6 sessions in just 3 months!!

Since completing MT I make sure of the more important things – taking care of my own emotional needs are essential for all other aspects of life to improve. I have revisited old hobbies and embarked on some new ones, make more time for friends and look to include more people generally. My physical symptoms are vastly improved also my aversion to social gatherings has all but gone. If I do experience negative emotions I recognise them as such and use my keys!! I understand that acting on those emotions is what makes me feel good, and that knowledge alone gives me peace of mind. Thank you for putting the pieces together for me.

October 2018

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“Angela Wilson and Mickel Therapy gave me my life back”

There is only one way to start this testimonial: Angela Wilson and Mickel Therapy gave me my life back.

It has taken me four years to write this (too long!) and there have been various reasons, mainly being busy with my business and travels, which for a person diagnosed with M.E, who had been told to rely on a wheelchair to move around, means the world! My life after MT has become a living testimonial of the efficiency of the therapy. In plain words, it works.

I remember telling Angela, ‘maybe it won’t work for me’, and Angela repeating, with relentless conviction, ‘if you engage fully with the process it will’. And thus, Angela kept my faith going when I felt like losing it, so the only thing I needed to do was to follow the guidance, and gather the courage to keep moving forward.

Just a bit of background story: I was diagnosed in 2013, but I had been struggling with symptoms for a long time before. There was a miscarriage, there was overwork, then a viral infection… I woke up one morning with such fatigue that my legs struggled to hold the weight of my body. Altogether I was ill for 18 months, which felt a lifetime, especially after being told by the NHS that I would never recover. M.E was a life sentence.

My case was severe: I couldn’t walk more than literally two steps without becoming extremely fatigued, I struggled bathing, brushing my teeth, feeding myself, thinking, understanding what people said to me when they talked! I felt pain in my whole body and I couldn’t sleep, despite constantly experiencing extreme fatigue. It was like having a black hole inside each one of my cells, that was dragging me into its darkness. It might sound poetic, but words fail me. If you have experienced ME/CFS symptoms yourself, you know what I mean. Summarising, I felt my life was over.

I started Mickel Therapy with Angela Wilson in February 2014 and in April 2014 I was cured. It took seven sessions. I remember our last conversation on session 7. I remember catching myself saying ‘When I WAS ill…’ Angie stopped me there. She made me repeat it. When I WAS ill. And then she added: ‘You’ve made it. You don’t need me anymore’. My eyes fill up with tears every time I recall that conversation. ‘What are you going to do now?’ Angie asked, ‘What have you been missing?’ I climbed a mountain the next weekend. No payback, just pure joy (I sang all the way back home!) and hope, and so much gratitude to Dr David Mickel for having developed such a wonderful therapy and to Angela for holding my hand and expertly guiding me to health.

Angela is a highly knowledgeable, intelligent, intuitive, honest and sincere therapist. She also has a heart of gold! I felt deeply supported all the way. She has a rare ability for spotting and unveiling patterns in one’s life that, once acted upon, can lead to health. I have recommended numerous people to Angela, all of them have experienced unbelievable results. I cannot thank her enough for giving me my life back. Her strong belief and passion in what she does helped me to say ‘yes’ to MT and hence, to become ‘myself’ again and to re-open the path to live all my dreams in full health!

If you are suffering with ME, CFS or Fibromyalgia, don’t think twice, go ahead and trust, give MT your 100% and you won’t believe the results. I cannot recommend Angela Wilson and Mickel Therapy enough. Just call Angela for a chat. The rest will be history soon.

Veronica Layunta Maurel
Owner of Akasha Projects Ltd
October 2018

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“I have been completely free from anxiety for the past six months”

It’s hard to even put into words just how profoundly Mickel Therapy has changed my life for the better.

I resorted to it last year (2017) when I was struggling with anxiety, due to a complicated and overwhelming set of deeply stressful life events. Thanks to Angela Wilson I am proud to report I have been completely free from anxiety for the past six months, which feels like a new lease of life!

I am so very grateful to Mickel Therapy for giving me my health back, and to Angie in particular. She’s simply amazing – dedicated, very well-organised, empathetic, kind, and always on point with her advice and guidance. She is fantastic at what she does, and I would recommend her wholeheartedly to anyone considering giving Mickel Therapy a try. Her continued support has been invaluable, and I feel truly blessed to have been working with her as my therapist.

Lena E
October 2018

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“I have not looked back!

Since completing eight sessions of Mickel Therapy with Angela Wilson I have not looked back! I now go swimming twice a week and thoroughly enjoy the buzz and confidence it gives me. I can now feel my once incredibly weak arms and legs getting stronger slowly but surely. I’m also looking forward to starting a badminton course very soon.

Mickel Therapy isn’t easy, particularly if, like me, you struggle with the physical weakness and brain fog of M.E, but Angela makes the sessions enjoyable and something to look forward to each week. She is friendly, easy to talk to, and gets to the bottom of what is perpetuating your particular version of Hypothalamitis, which in my case has been causing the symptoms of M.E. for twenty-six years.

Thankfully, the long nightmare and its symptoms are now receding and I’m so looking forward to the rest of my life!

Nicola Owen
October 2018

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The process was non-judgemental and sympathetic, but at the same time focused on finding beneficial ways to challenge the symptoms.

Prior to attending sessions I was struggling to find a way to best challenge how I was feeling and behaving. Struggling on my own to find the answers was not productive and became increasingly frustrating and distressing.

I had reservations at the onset of the sessions, as I had never attended anything of this nature before. I was quickly reassured by Susan’s professional but friendly approach, and quickly fell into constructive dialogue using some easy to follow guidance as a framework for moving forward.

As the sessions progressed I become more confident talking openly with Susan about things that I was experiencing. The process was non-judgemental and sympathetic, but at the same time focused on finding beneficial ways to challenge the symptoms.

The best thing about working with Susan has to have been her ability to gently support and encourage you to find your own path/direction that was relevant to improving your symptoms.

I.H., October 2018


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I started to feel the benefits of Mickel therapy very quickly.

(Therapist – Susan Murray)

As an ME sufferer of 30 years, I felt that Drs never understood the problem or had the answers, it was an immense relief to finally find a therapy that understands the frustration and addresses the problem in a sensible and sympathetic way and comes at it from a completely different direction. I started to feel the benefits of Mickel therapy very quickly and it really helps that the basis of it is enjoying yourself and getting more out of your life without feeling guilty about it. I would recommend Mickel Therapy to anyone that has been diagnosed with ME, CFS or Fibromyalgia, provided they are ready to put in the commitment to make the changes to their life that are necessary for a successful outcome.

Bethany Walpole-Wroe (Bowen Therapist), October 2018




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Mickel Therapy has provided me with the critical missing jigsaw piece.

Now I have the understanding and skills I need to shed symptoms of
CFS/M.E. when they arise, and over time, to lessen their initial

Before I was introduced to Mickel Therapy by Leisa Zakeri, I had
developed my own independent view of my CFS/M.E. as a condition which
centred around my emotional experience. However, I did not have a
clear understanding of how it operated or what I could do about it.
Leisa’s approach to revealing the Mickel Model helped me to pick it up
very quickly and then to start putting it into practice. Leisa’s
explanations, brought to life through her own experiences, resonated
so well with my own. I drew great confidence from this that I was on
the right track.

Through only three telephone sessions, Leisa supported me to develop
my understanding and application of the model, to my own individual
experiences. I practiced them diligently and the results were just
amazing.  I developed the ability to recognise what was happening my
body and to respond to this in new ways; allowing me to reduce and
remove symptoms. When I encountered challenges or things that did not
make sense, Leisa was there for me. She expertly helped me to look at
my experiences and again through expertly sharing just the right
amount of her own experiences, in just the right way, she supported me
to keep going, trust in the process and keep on tweaking it until it
fit just right.

I feel hugely grateful to Leisa, and to Dr Mickel for developing the
model. I have a renewed vigour for life, born in the confidence that I
can be in control of my symptoms. Mickel Therapy makes total sense
when I consider CFS/M.E. and it’s the only model I have encountered
which does that. I cannot recommend Mickel Therapy and Leisa Zakeri as
a Practitioner highly enough, to anyone with any kind of chronic,
fluctuating symptoms, who has just an inkling that it might possibly
just have some kind of emotional basis, or who is just willing to give
any approach a try.

My most startling and rewarding experience of this took place on the
island of Mull.

I was going to go for a walk in nature and was driving along looking
for the car park. I was feeling quite tired after a poor night’s sleep
and as I drove I started to doubt my ability to complete the walk.
Images of struggling along the walk, every step being painful, started
to come to mind. I didn’t want that kind of experience, only to have
to turn around and come back, feeling like a failure. So I ended up
automatically just driving on past the car park. Within 10 minutes I
was starting to feel even more tired. After another 5 minutes my eyes
felt heavy and dry, I was developing painful hands and wrists and my
whole body was feeling leaden. I didn’t think I was safe to drive
anymore, but I was on a very narrow road with nowhere to stop. After
another 5 minutes that felt like an hour, I finally found a layby and
pulled in.  I dragged my now aching, stiff body into the back to lie
down. I was in agony and it just kept getting worse. Every day I had
been scoring my level of symptoms, between 0 and 10 (with, for
context, a 9 being the worst I had ever experienced, back in the early
days, 27 years ago). Most days started at a 3 and rose to a 5 at some
point. On some days that would get up to a 6. I had not experienced a
7 or more for quite some time.  In this moment I scored my symptoms at
an 8. I was becoming really stiff.  Everything hurt. Badly. In the
past this would have triggered me into self-pity. Woe is me, who feels
all this pain and cannot go on a simple walk. But this time, with my
Mickel model practices in hand, it was different. “Okay”, I said to my
body. “What have I missed?” “What happened that would have led to an
emotional experience, had I not suppressed it?” “Well, it’s obvious
isn’t it really? I didn’t go on the walk I had intended to, which
means that would have triggered feeling disappointed and frustrated
that I couldn’t do what I wanted to and had felt excited about doing.
Then what? Well, I would expect those feelings to persist or even
increase if I didn’t then decide to go do something else similarly
exciting. Which I didn’t. My body is also probably starting to feel
bored now, which lying down here is not helping.”  “So what would the
right behavioural response be?” I looked out of the window at the
heather strewn slope of the hill I had wanted to walk up.   It looked
beautiful and inviting. I look down at my little backpack, with my
water, banana, waterproof and trekking poles. “Oh … ” I said to my
body “You still want me to go on the walk … no matter how it turns
out …” “But I’m in agony and can hardly move” “But that’s not real
fatigue is it?” “It’s only because I’ve suppressed feeling
disappointed and frustrated and bored”. “Right then … agony or not
… here I go!”  And I lept up, in agony, grabbed my backpack and
jumped out of the car … in agony. Extended my trekking poles and
took off up the hill. In agony. With every few paces my feelings were
changing. The pain and stiffness slowly, slowly started to leave. I
was becoming breathless. I was outside … walking … in the heather
… up the hill.  The pain and stiffness kept on flowing away, to be
replaced with excitement and joy. I smiled, I laughed. I actually
jumped for joy. I hiked on, harder, up a steep slope. I was panting
and my legs starting to ache a bit … but differently … a different
kind of ache … a good one. I knew then that I had cracked it. That I
could recognise CFS/M.E. symptoms as separate and different from other
kinds of muscle fatigue and pain. That, by paying attention to my
body, asking the right questions, exploring the right things, and
making the right behavioural decisions, that I could shed my symptoms
and do the very things I wanted to do. I hiked on. Eventually, utterly
elated and all the very best kinds of tired, I reached the top of the
hill.  I briefly saw two Sea Eagles, just as I had hoped, and was
overjoyed. I ate my lunch, recovered my legs, and came on back down
the hill. A different person.  One who had confidence to overcome this
CFS/M.E. and who knew he was going to keep on getting better.


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I highly recommend Mickel Therapy for persons who experience anxiety, fatigue and nausea. I personally couldn’t handle this constant feeling of anxiousness that I was experiencing, it had grown a lot in the last 12 months and it caused me to have trouble sleeping and my body would react through both nausea and stomach pains.

I found out about Mickel Therapy from a friend and she gave me Fiona Watson’s number. I was initially nervous, but knew I needed to do something and so gave her a ring one day. With the support of my mum beside me, at the initial consultation, I explained the problems I’d been experiencing. Fiona was very encouraging to me and told me that we would take control of these symptoms and I would be feeling great again in a matter of sessions.

I had my first appointment a few weeks later. Fiona equipped me with the skills and tools I needed to deal with anxiety, to find a balance in my life and sometimes just to be able to say no. I felt like I had learnt so much in the first session alone and the worksheets that I filled out each night were so helpful. I had a total of 5 sessions over a couple of months. Of course I had set backs but Fiona helped me get back on track.

A few months later and I’m feeling so good. Every now and again I experience anxiety but that is normal and I know how to fix it. I haven’t had serious nausea and pains in about 5 months and now I sleep like a baby! I highly recommend Mickel Therapy to all. Thanks Fiona!

August 2018

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