A Change For the Better (By Fiona Watson)


“When people start telling you you’ve changed, it’s because you’ve stopped living life their way”.


Those words are so true. I didn’t realise just how true until I found Mickel Therapy. I had always had the mind-set that unless I was putting others first and making sure that everyone else was happy, then people would think badly of me, a thought that I found hard to deal with. In addition to this constant need to people please, I was bullied at school and later in the workplace, before developing symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in my 20’s, which I had for 4 years.

it really works

Looking back over those years prior to developing symptoms, I now realise, that although I knew people were treating me unfairly and that was wrong, I wasn’t able to stop it from happening, because I really didn’t know how to do that. I was gentle natured and didn’t realise that it was ok to stop this wrong treatment of me. I didn’t realise that it was ok to do what makes me happy and look after my needs! That’s what Mickel Therapy taught me and 6 years on from when I received the therapy, the healthy and happy person I have become, is evidence how it really works.

dear future

Has the therapy changed me? I would have to answer both yes and no! I am still gentle by nature and still like doing things for others. But where I have changed is, that now I do what makes me happy, make sure my needs are met and then care for the needs of others. I am still the person and nature I have always been, but a stronger and truer version of it. As a result, I have the people in my life who are genuine and good for me. I enjoy working as a Mickel Therapist and helping others do the same.


Mickel Therapy doesn’t just return you to health and free you from symptoms…..

……It changes you for the better and helps you to be the best person you can be.


By Fiona Watson


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5 Responses to A Change For the Better (By Fiona Watson)

  1. Alex Yarde says:

    Great Blog Fiona! Its amazing how acknowledging your emotions correctly, and dealing with them positively makes a significant difference.

  2. Julia says:

    You are a beautiful person Fiona, great article you are proof that you put yourself first and stay healthy & still be a kind caring person who is interested in others. Great article 🙂 xx

  3. Fiona Thorne says:

    Lovely thoughts & experience Fiona ☺ I’ve seen just how successful the therapy is by knowing you. Looking after yourself physically & mentally is not selfish but essential if we are to be a loving family member & friend. I recommend this therapy to everyone I come across who needs it

  4. Rachel says:

    Hey Fiona. Good to read yr story. Thank you for all yr help. Can’t believe the difference in me. I not fully there yet. Drop into the same routine. But much improved. So much so, someone asked me yesterday if I could make a wedding dress and I am considering it. First time I have had the confidence to even think about it but also to say no if it is not practical!! Thank you. Rachel.

  5. Angela Wilson says:

    A really excellent piece Fiona, thank you.

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