It’s all In Your Mind – Isn’t It?


By Kyle Davies

all in the miind


Co-Developer  & Director of Mickel Therapy 2003 -2011

Mickel Therapy practitioner training


In conversation with a sufferer of M.E. and Fibromyalgia earlier this week, I was asked a series of questions that I think are common in the minds of sufferers looking for a way out…


“But how is this going to help me, how can you help me, you’re a psychologist; are you saying this is all in my mind? If there was an answer to my CFS and Fibro, don’t you think my doctor would have told me? I’m so debilitated, I’m lost in these symptoms, I just can’t see a way forward”.


So what are the answers to these questions, and what do both the questions and answers reveal about the road to recovery? Let’s look at the issues and how they can help you move forward.


1) Is It All in the Mind?


body and mind The mind and body are intimately connected, so the notion of ‘all in the mind’ is simply an antiquated idea. Science tells us that we that we have neurons and receptors in our heart and our digestive system, so there is a complex flow of intelligent activity that takes place throughout the body and brain. This alone supports the idea that we are one undulating and flowing system, not two separate entities of mind and body.


something new The first important step towards recovery is opening up to a new way of seeing symptoms. Rather than believing and embracing a medical mindset of externalizing and ‘pathologizing’ – seeing symptoms as some external enemy that is attacking you, allow yourself to see symptoms as feedback from a mind-body system that is trying desperately to get your attention. They are a process you are going through and one which you can take control of.


symptoms Symptoms of ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia are real and your ability to reverse those symptoms is equally real when you take the right steps.


2) Why Doesn’t My Doctor Have The Answers If They Are Out There?


We are witnessing an epidemic of chronic health conditions in the western world, from cancer and heart disease to autoimmune conditions, rheumatoid arthritis, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia, to depression and anxiety. We can see that conventional medicine is brilliant at treating acute conditions where symptoms need to be managed, but it seems to fall short when it comes to these chronic conditions.


the human body We know more about the workings of the human body that ever in history, we spend more money on healthcare than ever in history, yet we are sicker than ever before. We need a significant shift and expansion in theory and understanding – especially within mainstream healthcare. This is taking place on the fringes where there are many fantastic researchers and practitioners looking to pioneer, push back the boundaries, test and investigate new ways of understanding and viewing health and wellness. These ideas and practices are slowly filtering through, but it takes time. It is these ideas and practices that will become mainstream thinking and practice as we move into the future.


3) My M.E., My Fibro…


who am IOne of the most powerful influencers on our behaviour is our unconscious sense of identity. So we tend to align our words and actions to that sense of identity, even when we know this may not be useful for us. Many sufferers hold their condition as part of their identity, part of who they are, and this can prevent them from taking those first incredibly important steps on the pathway back to health.


There’s a tendency to put one’s life on hold when you suffer from ME and Fibro, but this reinforces one’s identity as a sufferer. Those who have been unwell for significant periods of time can lose all sight of their passions and purposes in life, yet these are vital components to embrace on the journey back to health.

move beyond

Your job as a human being is to experience yourself, to be the full expression of you. Please remember that you are not your ME, you are not your Fibro, these are experiences that you can and will move beyond.


For more details about Kyle Davies and his work with ME/ CFS and Fibromyalgia visit


Very many thanks to Kyle for writing for the Mickel Therapy Blog in this most important week M.E. Awareness Week. Also for his contribution to Mickel Therapy from 2003 -2011



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3 Responses to It’s all In Your Mind – Isn’t It?

  1. Antoinette Dickerson says:

    I feel like an hypochondriac because Fibromyalgia mimics so many diseases and illnesses. I have s/s of so many other health conditions I’m always in the hospital only to result in Fibromyalgia. I can just be sitting watching TV and out of no where a pain will hit my chest like it blew it open, and it would literally take me to the floor. Scares the life out of me. It’ll last for about 10 to 15 seconds then just disappear and it’s as if it never happened. I have pain induced hypertension. My brain shuts down when I’m asked a question or trys to think lol and I have confined myself at home. I don’t trust my mind enough to drive anymore and I’m only 41. My spine burns and stings a lot. But your article is great and I have all the symptoms plus many, many more that’s on your diagram. My father has MS and he thinks I have MS can that be why I was sub ceptabl

  2. Kate says:

    all in the mind verses it’s a bacteria or virus corrupting our cells are two different poles. our mind can’t sero convert because the cells are too damaged no amount of happy thought will revert a cell back to its former state.

  3. Isn’t it ironic that with all the modern advancements in medicine, everyone seems to be getting more and more illnesses than before? There are so many things happening around us, that we all fail to internalize and analyse what’s going on inside as well. If one can calm all the anxiety and stress running through the system, there may be a chance that illness prevalence can be minimized to a significant degree.

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