Payback’s a bitch! by Saul Levitt

Payback’s a bitch!


by Saul Levitt


6 years a slave to CFS

During my 6 years of struggling with CFS through university, 3 jobs and 3 home moves, one of the things that always seemed strange to me, was that I could be exhausted, have aches and pains and other horrendous symptoms but if I did something I enjoyed like seeing a friend or painting a picture or even if I made it on holiday, for the most part, I felt a lot better and energised for it.

Payback’s a bitch

What I did find though was soon after doing one of these fun activities or coming back from holiday, I would get payback. The fatigue, aches, sound sensitivity and other symptoms would rapidly return.

I would just think to myself “Paybacks a bitch…I’ve had some fun, now my body is paying me back for overdoing it.”

How wrong could I be!

Taking things into my own hands

In 2005, I’d had enough of the illness and was unhappy in my marketing job in London and felt it was time for a change…a big change. So I packed up my flat and decided to take a year out in Australia.

I was no longer the meticulous planner I’d always been. I left with no itinerary and no plan for my year-long trip, just a friends place to stay and the idea of a fresh start.

The more time I spent in Aus, the better I seemed to feel. I would manage to go for a run or surf or see my new friends and wasn’t getting the payback I was expecting.

I was still left with a raft of symptoms from intolerances to muscle pains though.

Discovering Mickel Therapy from someone back in the UK, it all seemed to click for me and a month later I found myself in New Zealand, training to be a Mickel Therapist!

Rapidly I found my remaining symptoms go and understood why I’d been making good progress through things I’d already put in place like self-care and setting boundaries.

No payback!

One of the most important things I learned as a Mickel Therapist, was that the body doesn’t pay us back with symptoms for doing things we enjoy.

“Ah”, I hear you say, “but then why do I get symptoms after the fun stuff?”

The simple answer is that the body wants more… more fun, more variety, not our same old routine. If it sees us do something fun, it just wants more!

Obviously in Mickel Therapy there is more to it and we need to address any other negative emotions including any lack of fulfilment and boredom, but the great thing is not having to pace myself as long as I rest when I get a regular healthy tiredness.

Not so long ago I did a 65 mile charity bike ride and you guested it… no payback!

Saul Levitt is an Advanced Mickel Therapy Practitioner and trainer, working with clients worldwide including the UK, U.S, Sweden, Australia & Germany.

Thank you to my client Wendy for inspiring me to write this!


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8 Responses to Payback’s a bitch! by Saul Levitt

  1. Dr Francis Teeney says:

    Every time I read something about ME I learn something new. And the same goes for Mickel Therapy. It never ceases to amaze me how much more I pick up by hearing other people’s story or testimony. Thanks Saul

  2. Jo says:

    Thanks Saul. Great to read your story. 65 miles! Good effort:) I love having healthy aching muscles after ‘real’ exercise these days instead of just from sleeping! Its really true, the body definitely knows what it wants. Symptoms happen in the moment so if you feel good whilst doing something then your body’s happy:)

  3. It is amazing how severe the symptoms can be.
    It can be challenging at first to take in that the symptoms are never a call to rest.
    What an inspiring example to us of this fact.

  4. Mart says:

    That’s fantastic that you were able to overcome your illness and go on to achieve such health. Though for people with ME who have mitochondrial dysfunction, your words are quite foreign. For me, exertion, either physical or mental, always brings on symptoms, whether it’s a fun activity or not, whether at home or on holiday. And exercise dramatically worsens my symptoms, whereas rest does alleviate them. Further exertion when I require rest, just compounds things and I become even sicker.

    By saving my energy for fun activities, it does help my mental state and quality of life and hopefully in time, when combined with nourishing my body with nutrition and getting high quality rest, with meditation/deep relaxation and light exercise, such as yoga, I will be eventually able to achieve good health. There’s such a diversity of people diagnosed with CFS/ME, that until the subgroups are clearly identified, it’s so important to listen to individuals and try to understand the nature of their illness, rather than trying to fit everybody into the same model, based on preconceived ideas.

    • Saul Levitt says:

      Hi Mart,
      Thanks for your comments. Sorry I’ve only just seen it now.

      I realise that everyone is different but in my nine or so years since recovering using this technique its rare that I work with someone that can’t be helped by this.

      It’s just that our understanding of how the body works can differ from what the body is truly trying to say to us.

      If you’d like to chat further and for me to explain more, please do let me know. Happy to chat, obligation free and see if it would be of interest.

      Best of luck either way with your recovery.


  5. Awesome post, Saul! I think you are onto something!! We do need MORE FUN! Sometimes we are bottomless pits of need for fun because of giving, giving, giving way too much for way too long!

    Thank you for sharing your journey! Mickel Therapy is terrific! I’ve done it myself–with David Mickel, himself. The whole idea and process really resonates with me! And, IT WORKS!

    Hugs & Blessings & Keep Up The Good Work!
    Barbara Manning

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