‘Plus ca change plus ca reste la meme chose’








By Dr David Mickel MBChB MRCGP

EMP – A&E Dr Gray’s Hospital, Elgin



It seems a lifetime ago that I developed an interest in ME/CFS. I left my General Practice job and devoted my time to studying the condition and designing a treatment. It creates great sadness in me that 16 years later we still have to dedicate a week to raising awareness rather than fund-raising for people to receive treatment.


The reasons for a lack of any tangible progress are numerous. There are conflicting agendas, conflicting theories and a distinct lack of cohesion amongst those offering treatment.


As a medical doctor, I feel that there needs to be a paradigm shift in how ME is viewed. The age-old division of illness into physical or mental has evolved very little. There seems to be an attempt to remove the stigma of ‘psychosomatic’ illness by calling it ‘functional’. This is inadequate and also, in my opinion, inaccurate.


‘Psychosomia’ is an accurate term if it is understood from its linguistic origins. The ‘psyche’ is soul and somia is the body. This should translate psychosomatic into meaning problems within the soul affecting the function of the body, surely? Frustratingly it has become understood as mental problems manifesting as imagined physical disease!


A great deal of time and money has gone into studying the complexities of our organic Being but very few academics explore the intelligent life forces within us. Perhaps that is unkind. I think that many do but their work is not published nor supported in the mainstream.


The valuable insights of ancient philosophers and our medical forefathers need to be married with cutting-edge modern day science to raise awareness and understanding of conditions such as ME. I learned the hard way that this does not happen easily. Mickel Therapy will continue to fill the gap until ‘awareness’ is reached.


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  1. Angela Wilson says:

    So many people, myself included, have reclaimed full health and a full life thanks to Mickel Therapy. It’s beyond heartbreaking that it still isn’t recognised for what it is: the answer to M.E.

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