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derek eaton

By Derek Eaton

Mickel Therapist



can't sleep

Probably from any age I never knew how to deal with my emotions going from situation to situation holding on to the past and worrying about the future – going through life probably looking for things that did not exist to fulfil me. In my twenties I was going through various experiences and when they were over I would go over them in my head to the point where I could not sleep trying to find a logical way to solve them, or blame myself for other peoples issues. The truth is the past and future does not exist.


In my thirties the final straw came when the large Company I worked for in the UK changed the goal posts and pushed me to the limit. I was driving all over the place expected to be in two places at the one time and my employer was using threats if I could not carry out the tasks. Being a hard working person I tried to give them what they wanted for four years, running on adrenalin and not listening to my body.

By this time I had developed various symptoms, exhaustion, pain, mood swings you name it. In the year 2000 I had to stop working which was a major blow feeling robbed of everything and angry because of how I had been treated. I had lots of tests and eventually I saw a lovely Doctor who diagnosed Fibromyalgia. I was given a leaflet and sent away more frustration.   My health deteriorated through the years trying to find an answer to what was going on in my body I tried lots of things but to no avail.


In my forties I discovered Mickel Therapy which totally change my life, it made me discover my self learning and change how I would now listen to my body and emotions and make actions to deal with spontaneous daily life. Mickel Therapy showed me how to not listen to secondary emotions, but only listen to the primary ones, which are Anger, Lack of Joy, Grief, and Fear. By using keys and making the appropriate actions my symptoms went away. Mickel Therapy helped me recover by helping me use my emotions productively and not listening to the past, dealing with today and tomorrow will be looked after.

the present

nice people

I have now become a Mickel Therapy practitioner helping others with these conditions, which I enjoy doing very much; it is a joy to see people get better. I have helped many people get their health back from all walks of life. The thing I have noticed the most is they are all nice people. We keep the fact they are nice people but by using keys we get them to deal with life in a different way changing how they react to life’s spontaneous challenges by making actions.


One of my clients was a young Mum who had suffered from Fibromyalgia for fifteen years. She suffered various symptoms managing to hold down a job but having to go to bed at six every night – it was no life for her and her family. After about 6 sessions she is now back to full health going to bed at normal times and now symptom free. It has been a joy to see her recover and change her life. After people recover they have to use the tools we give them for the rest of there life. I wish I had them years ago ,but a joy to have them now and apply them on a daily basis as situations arise.

Many thanks to all for reading my blog.

Best Wishes. Derek Eaton.

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3 Responses to The Answer Is Here.

  1. Angela says:

    Fab blog. Thanks for sharing your experiences. We all need to know these skills from childhood to give us a fighting chance in the adult world.

  2. Julia says:

    Hi Derek! Thanks for sharing this. I know from working with you at the training session how good you are as a therapist now. Thanks for inspiring the rest of us to do good work.

  3. Catherine says:

    Thank you for sharing this, Derek. It is inspirational!

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