What has changed since starting Mickel Therapy?


by Angela Irving-Brown

When I first heard about Mickel Therapy I was cynical to say the least. I had tried so many supposed treatments, none of which had done more than offer brief periods of respite, at best. I was at the stage of trying to accept the way life had turned out for me and move on. I was getting used to not being able to do things with my son. It was his reality about his mum too. I was trying to get my head round having to work only occasionally and then suffer for days afterwards. I was having to appreciate that, although my relationship had changed beyond all belief, I was still loved, no matter how dependent I was. The falling out when things got too much for either of us was just a part of life.

Luckily, I have a very tenacious partner, called Amanda. She was not willing to give up on the possibility of a solution or a cure. Research was what she did. God bless Google!! (Other search engines are obviously available)

It was her uncompromising determination that there must be more that could be done to help with Fibromyalgia that led her to Mickel Therapy. I had long since subscribed to the UK Fibromyalgia magazine, although the thought of opening it to see more depressing stories about other people’s suffering meant that it went straight to Amanda’s desk. In one of these magazines she saw a small advert for Mickel Therapy. She had already got as far as seeing Fibromyalgia as a problem with the HPA axis so this new type of therapy seemed to make sense. I was having none of it. I was fed up with throwing money after money to just get worse. She bought the book and read it. Then gave it to me to read, like any of that was going to go in with the joys of brain fog!

After much nagging, which she is very good at, and emotional blackmail (again a well-honed skill of hers) I agreed to contact this Mickel Therapist in Warrington. What harm could an hour out of my life do to keep my lovely partner happy? At least I could say I tried. So off I went.

I don’t recall much of the first session but I do know I walked in on two walking sticks feeling lots of pain and brain fog, as well as drug induced confusion from all the medication I was taking. I do know that after that session I reduced my walking support to one crutch. Session two, again a blur, was a week later. After that one I stopped using crutches at all. Did my therapist notice during the next session that I had two free hands? Did she heck! She was totally oblivious.

Over the next few months I found I had energy, I was awake most of the day, I was even doing this strange thing called sleeping when I was in bed. I hadn’t managed that for years. I could start to think about things without getting confused and began to increase my work load. I could go out and walk the dogs. I could even drive a decent distance without excessive pain or tiredness. I was beginning to get back to me.

By completing Mickel Therapy I have regained my life. I am now a happy mum who is able to run around with my son, although at 14 he is a tad fitter than me. I can pan to do things every day of the week without having to have days off, although I DO NOT go to work every day as that would have a major setback in my health. I have even managed to get through major building works on my home without completely relapsing, although it was very trying and required good use of the Mickel Therapy tools I had learnt.

I now know how to read my body and also how to listen to my body. I still have to take pain killers but that is not for Fibro pain, it is for the pain caused by my car accident which started this whole process. I can’t look upon it as a negative as I have gone on to become a Mickel Therapist and hope that I can help someone else find the relief that I have found from Mickel Therapy. As the research base grows and the understanding of the human body continues I believe that the skills we teach in Mickel Therapy will become the norm and, over time, conditions like Fibromyalgia will be all but eradicated. We all need to work hard to get the message out there that our bodies are clever enough to tell us how to be well, we just need to learn to listen to them and take heed of them.

For further information contact Angela at angela.irving-brown(@)mickeltherapy.com or check out www.mickeltherapy.com

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6 Responses to What has changed since starting Mickel Therapy?

  1. Angela Wilson says:

    Excellent article Angela. well done you 🙂

  2. Dr Francis Teeney says:

    What a story. Incredible. I wish you well and many thanks for demonstrating there is life after CFS ME and Fibromyalgia. There is more than life, there is recovery. And you are right that our body knows what we can and cannot do – and should do for that matter. The issue is learning to trust your body and your emotions

  3. Angela Wilson says:

    Having just re-read Angela’s story I feel the urge to contribute that I too was able to throw myself into the trauma of major building work, and all that that entails, hard on the heels of my Mickel Therapy recovery (M.E in my case). My therapist had signed me off in the May. Just three months later after numerous pow-wows with architect and builder, planning permission applied for and duly received, August saw me moving out of my home and into rented accommodation for the duration which, such was the magnitude of the project, was six months. “You’re MAD”, family and friends helpfully informed me, “remember what happened last time ….”, a reference to the massive escalation of symptoms I’d suffered after moving house 18 months earlier. I assured them that this time it was different. I no longer had M.E. I was well. I’d felt illness lift from me like a cloud. But they were fearful for me. They ‘knew’ I was making a terrible mistake and I would pay dearly. Guess who ended up being right?? 🙂

  4. leisa says:

    Another inspiring read 🙂 L x

  5. Thank you for sharing your recovery story.
    Your words echo what so many people say that the symptoms also have a huge impact on everyone around you that loves or cares for you.

  6. Great article, Angela. Thanks for writing it and telling us how it changed your life. 🙂

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