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Testament to Mickel Therapy

by Sandra Hillhouse


I have suffered anxiety my entire life. I thought I could keep it under control. I just had to “get my act together”, as it was often suggested. “Get a grip”, “calm down” and “you are overreacting” were phrases often said to me. It was often suggested that I needed to “go and see a doctor”, which I did only after a serious panic attack which saw me hospitalised.

What on earth was the matter with me? I was a normal everyday wife, mother, daughter and friend. I had a part-time job around being a mum and housewife. I didn’t have that much to be stressed about. Not anything other women didn’t cope with, surely! So what was wrong with ME? After all I had life under control. Or so I thought. Turned out I didn’t have one vital thing under control…….how I dealt with my emotions!

My GP, who is lovely, prescribed me anti-depressant tablets to calm things down, helping me cope temporarily and referred me for Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy. Well, I attended, convinced this was the answer. However, I still had the panic attacks, was still on the anti-depressants. Nothing was really changing or moving forward. I tried to accept that this was just “who I was” and I would have to live with this anxiety and panic attacks. It was just” my nature, my make-up”, nothing could be changed. That is until I discovered Mickel therapy.

I had read about it online. However, it was expensive for me to even think about embarking on such a luxury. With a part time salary and children, a mortgage, bills to pay, etc., I felt I couldn’t possibly indulge myself. How could I justify such luxury as a private therapist?

Until I reasoned how invaluable this was going to be – not just for me, but for my husband, children, family and friends. I wanted to get well so badly! So I went for it. It has been money well spent. My restored health has been worth every penny!

During the first session with lovely Mickel Therapist Fiona Watson, I cried my way through the session. All my anxiety and fears came out. With Fiona’s gentle reassurance I realised quickly what MT was about and how logical it was. How all my feelings were and are very real. Crucially, I had ignored my gut instinct at my (mental health) peril.

Fiona is a gentle and kind woman. Exactly what I needed. I felt safe and understood. By session 2, amid more tears, I realised that the penny was dropping very quickly. I finally understood myself, my emotions, my gut instinct and my thought process. I realised I could and would get well! I knew I had a mountain ahead to climb, but I could do it with Fiona’s help and by applying my new principles.

At long last, I finally am me! I no longer take antidepressants and have not suffered any panic attacks since. If it worked for me, I believe it will work for anyone. It is such a shame MT is not available on the NHS. If so, I believe we would see a massive reduction in mental and physical health.  My eternal gratitude to Fiona Watson. A woman God has destined for this line of work! I would recommend MT to the world!


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What you get free when you purchase health with Mickel Therapy

by Jo Hoffmann


Do you want to be…  Proactive? Confident? Better at making decisions? True to yourself?  Happy?

These are all words that used to jump off the pages of self-help books at me as I searched for happiness in the years leading up to my getting ill.  I’d buy books claiming that they’d make me happier, more popular, more intelligent, funnier and assertive, raise my self esteem and bring about peace of mind. Believe me, there’s a book for everything!


I can imagine a lot of people who know me and read this will find that hard to believe as I have always been described as a very smiley and happy person.  I’m not saying that I never had a genuine smile on my face, but there were times when the only reason I was smiling was because I didn’t really know how else to act. I’d learnt over the years that people tend to like a happy person in our society.

I’d always been brought up to fit in with other people, and to put them before myself.  Not making a fuss and trying to keep everyone else happy was what I did. Looking back I can see that living like this was exhausting and it’s not surprising that one day I got CFS/ME.  I’d been unintentionally putting my body under stress for many years and my body had actually been in dis-ease for a long time before I started to get physical symptoms.


When I started Mickel Therap, obviously the only outcome I wanted was to find relief from the debilitating symptoms of CFS/ME. I didn’t realise then that doing Mickel Therapy would bring with it a number of other bonuses, too. The overriding one is that I feel more at ease in my skin now than I ever have. I feel rushes of happiness that I haven’t experienced since being a child and I haven’t picked up a self-help book in over a year!

That’s not to say I feel happy all the time, though. Life isn’t like that, and we’re often misguided in our culture to believe that it should be. We’re meant to experience a wide range of emotions; it is a normal part of being alive.


Through Mickel Therapy I’ve learnt that emotions have a purpose, are there to guide us and shouldn’t be suppressed. ‘Negative’ emotions need to feel bad so that we can tell the difference between them and ‘positive’ emotions that feel nice. That’s all it is, there’s no need to judge them. We’re not bad for feeling anger, jealousy, boredom, grief or fear – they are just the body communicating to us that we need to change something, no matter how big or small, about the situation we’re in at that moment. Primary emotions play the most important role in this. They arise in the body spontaneously and in the moment, before any thoughts that we might have.

A good friend turned to me the other day and said ‘you’re so much more confident than you used to be Jo’ and he’s right. Mickel Therapy has taught me to trust myself and my inner emotional guide. For the first time in my life I can make a decision without over-analyzing everything or thinking about what I should be doing or what I think other people want me to do. I no longer just fit in with everyone else. I say no now as well as yes when I want to. I feel like I’m in the driving seat and not just bumbling along in the background.


Before I went through Mickel Therapy I would have given anything for a pill to take away my CFS/ME symptoms. But looking back now, as I continue to live with the tools I’ve learnt, I’m so glad this wasn’t an option. I do appreciate that I’m writing this while feeling well having already gone through Mickel Therapy and I really don’t want to sound smug. But it’s true. The answer I was searching through books for was inside me all along, and Mickel Therapy has helped me find that. All I had to do was become aware of, listen to and act on my emotions. If I’d taken a pill I might be feeling physically well but I’d still be dependent on other people’s thoughts and ideas without ever really knowing what was right for me. I’d still be trying to please everyone around me and genuinely believing that it is even possible to do so. I’d still be feeling low and tearful without knowing why. I’d still be searching. But I’m not. I’m feeling well again, with the added bonus of feeling more balanced and happier than I have for years. I’m no longer putting my body under unintentional stress and for that alone I’d pick Mickel Therapy over a pill every time. A pill would have just masked my symptoms instead of getting to the root cause of them like Mickel Therapy has.


I know now that I’ve never needed self-help books to tell me how I should be feeling or what I should be doing. So, if anyone’s looking for anything to burn on their fire, or a door stop, please let me know… I’ve got some books you’d be most welcome to!


Thank you for reading.


Jo Hoffman is a qualified Mickel Therapist. If you would like to read about her experience of CFS/ME, please see her testimonial in the success stories section… ‘I’ve got a life again, a life that seemed so far out of reach during the countless hours I spent just staring at a wall’…


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The Answer Is Here.

derek eaton

By Derek Eaton

Mickel Therapist



can't sleep

Probably from any age I never knew how to deal with my emotions going from situation to situation holding on to the past and worrying about the future – going through life probably looking for things that did not exist to fulfil me. In my twenties I was going through various experiences and when they were over I would go over them in my head to the point where I could not sleep trying to find a logical way to solve them, or blame myself for other peoples issues. The truth is the past and future does not exist.


In my thirties the final straw came when the large Company I worked for in the UK changed the goal posts and pushed me to the limit. I was driving all over the place expected to be in two places at the one time and my employer was using threats if I could not carry out the tasks. Being a hard working person I tried to give them what they wanted for four years, running on adrenalin and not listening to my body.

By this time I had developed various symptoms, exhaustion, pain, mood swings you name it. In the year 2000 I had to stop working which was a major blow feeling robbed of everything and angry because of how I had been treated. I had lots of tests and eventually I saw a lovely Doctor who diagnosed Fibromyalgia. I was given a leaflet and sent away more frustration.   My health deteriorated through the years trying to find an answer to what was going on in my body I tried lots of things but to no avail.


In my forties I discovered Mickel Therapy which totally change my life, it made me discover my self learning and change how I would now listen to my body and emotions and make actions to deal with spontaneous daily life. Mickel Therapy showed me how to not listen to secondary emotions, but only listen to the primary ones, which are Anger, Lack of Joy, Grief, and Fear. By using keys and making the appropriate actions my symptoms went away. Mickel Therapy helped me recover by helping me use my emotions productively and not listening to the past, dealing with today and tomorrow will be looked after.

the present

nice people

I have now become a Mickel Therapy practitioner helping others with these conditions, which I enjoy doing very much; it is a joy to see people get better. I have helped many people get their health back from all walks of life. The thing I have noticed the most is they are all nice people. We keep the fact they are nice people but by using keys we get them to deal with life in a different way changing how they react to life’s spontaneous challenges by making actions.


One of my clients was a young Mum who had suffered from Fibromyalgia for fifteen years. She suffered various symptoms managing to hold down a job but having to go to bed at six every night – it was no life for her and her family. After about 6 sessions she is now back to full health going to bed at normal times and now symptom free. It has been a joy to see her recover and change her life. After people recover they have to use the tools we give them for the rest of there life. I wish I had them years ago ,but a joy to have them now and apply them on a daily basis as situations arise.

Many thanks to all for reading my blog.

Best Wishes. Derek Eaton.

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Broccoli Syndrome!!

By Angela Irving-Brown


Mickel Therapist




There have been lots of blogs about how Mickel Therapy has helped people return to their old self. I wanted to talk about something that I find quite interesting. That is the idea of Broccoli Syndrome. I wondered what on earth that was when I first came across it. I then wondered why “Broccoli” syndrome? Why not “Chocolate” syndrome or “Beer” syndrome? The answer to the latter of these I have still not found but I do understand what the concept is.

card making

When I was going through my recovery I was interested in card making and scrap booking. I still am in fact. I invested rather more than my partner thought I should have in the things I “NEEDED” for this pastime. I spent time at the dining table making cards and trying all sorts of different types of crafts.


I was putting myself first. I was using my keys. Wasn’t I?


Why was it I was still getting symptoms of fibromyalgia when I was doing what I had been taught? Why wasn’t Mickel Therapy working for me anymore?


I remember feeling frustrated and starting to doubt the effectiveness of Mickel Therapy. Then I was introduced to the idea of Broccoli Syndrome.


In what follows you can insert whatever food you like to make it more relevant to your own tastes, but the idea is the same.

groundhog day

Imagine your favourite food, above all else, is broccoli. You tell people that you could live on broccoli, you love it that much. Now imagine getting up for breakfast and all you have in the cupboards is broccoli. So you prepare a lovely bowl of broccoli for breakfast and eat it, accompanied by a cup of coffee.


You then go about your business of the morning until you get to lunch time. Again the only food you have in is broccoli. You are happy about this because it is your favourite food of all. You cook it to perfection, sprinkle with a tad of pepper and sit down to devour your lunch.


After a busy afternoon it gets to teatime. You look in the cupboards and see that you have more broccoli to eat. Not a problem, you think. You decide to sauté it this time in some lovely olive oil. Tea is just yummy.


You go to bed that night happy that you have been able to eat your favourite food so much. The chance of doing this is rare and you have made the most of it.


The next day you get up and look in the cupboards. There is just broccoli there staring back at you. You look at it and think about how much you love it. You then get on with making your broccoli breakfast.


The day progresses much as the day before and you have two more meals of your all-time favourite food. You go to bed satisfied, but not quite as happy as the night before.


The next morning you look in the cupboard for breakfast. And there it is again. That lovely, tasty, green vegetable that you love, honestly. But you are beginning to wish you have gone to the supermarket last night to get something else.


By the following morning you are ready to scream when you see the broccoli there, staring back at you. It seems to be taunting you. It’s saying “you love me, don’t you?” with a sneer on its imaginary face.


That is broccoli syndrome. It is having or doing the same thing that you love, all the time. It is not having variety in what you do, what you eat, where you go and who you see. When this happens you get bored. You are unfulfilled. You feel lonely and worthless. These are all negative primary emotions that, if left unattended, lead to the development of symptoms.


I was using card making as my broccoli. I was doing it whenever I was well enough to do something for myself. It led to me getting angry at it, as well as being bored by it. I was stuck in the same house, in the same room, on my own with no true reason to be there, except I told myself that I was doing stuff for me and putting me first.

I changed

When I changed what I was doing and varied it a bit I started to progress further through my treatment. I still fall into the trap of broccoli syndrome and have to give myself a talking to as to why my symptoms are raising their head again. But using my keys from Mickel Therapy, as well as being aware of the neural pathway, I am able to alleviate any symptoms I get.


Mickel Therapy gives us the tools to listen to our bodies and be honest with ourselves about what we hear. If we can do that and use the tools we can achieve and maintain health.


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Here and Now

Here and Now


by Anita Nolan

Mickel Therapy came to my notice through a newspaper article read by chance by my husband several years ago.  I had already been suffering from ME for 10 years – initially too exhausted to take more than a few steps, too tired to hold a conversation, too unwell to attend my 87 year old mother’s second wedding!  Over those years I had tried various alternative therapies with limited success, and at the time of the article I was deeply cynical of any so-called cure.  Since Dr. Mickel was a GP in the town where I had been brought up, however, this personal connection persuaded  me to read his book and eventually to start therapy.

This case of serendipity and that decision were life-changing.  The therapy made me well.  Seven years on I am still well, continuing to use the tools MT taught me, and now teaching these tools as a practitioner to others.

And so I constantly sing the praises of this simple effective therapy.  What strikes me above all is the ‘here and now’ element within it.   In my own case the two probable main contributors to my illness –  i.e persisting in the wrong career and suppressing a close family issue –  had both passed into history long before I started MT.  Yet I was still ill, and it was only by learning to deal with all emotion correctly on a day-to-day basis from that point onwards that good health returned.

MT therefore deals with life in the present, and the present as it will be in the future.  No matter how much emotional energy has been blocked in events long gone, the therapy, by dealing with the here and now, releases that energy and allows the body to do what it constantly strives to do – bring itself back to health.

Anita Nolan

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Payback’s a bitch! by Saul Levitt

Payback’s a bitch!


by Saul Levitt


6 years a slave to CFS

During my 6 years of struggling with CFS through university, 3 jobs and 3 home moves, one of the things that always seemed strange to me, was that I could be exhausted, have aches and pains and other horrendous symptoms but if I did something I enjoyed like seeing a friend or painting a picture or even if I made it on holiday, for the most part, I felt a lot better and energised for it.

Payback’s a bitch

What I did find though was soon after doing one of these fun activities or coming back from holiday, I would get payback. The fatigue, aches, sound sensitivity and other symptoms would rapidly return.

I would just think to myself “Paybacks a bitch…I’ve had some fun, now my body is paying me back for overdoing it.”

How wrong could I be!

Taking things into my own hands

In 2005, I’d had enough of the illness and was unhappy in my marketing job in London and felt it was time for a change…a big change. So I packed up my flat and decided to take a year out in Australia.

I was no longer the meticulous planner I’d always been. I left with no itinerary and no plan for my year-long trip, just a friends place to stay and the idea of a fresh start.

The more time I spent in Aus, the better I seemed to feel. I would manage to go for a run or surf or see my new friends and wasn’t getting the payback I was expecting.

I was still left with a raft of symptoms from intolerances to muscle pains though.

Discovering Mickel Therapy from someone back in the UK, it all seemed to click for me and a month later I found myself in New Zealand, training to be a Mickel Therapist!

Rapidly I found my remaining symptoms go and understood why I’d been making good progress through things I’d already put in place like self-care and setting boundaries.

No payback!

One of the most important things I learned as a Mickel Therapist, was that the body doesn’t pay us back with symptoms for doing things we enjoy.

“Ah”, I hear you say, “but then why do I get symptoms after the fun stuff?”

The simple answer is that the body wants more… more fun, more variety, not our same old routine. If it sees us do something fun, it just wants more!

Obviously in Mickel Therapy there is more to it and we need to address any other negative emotions including any lack of fulfilment and boredom, but the great thing is not having to pace myself as long as I rest when I get a regular healthy tiredness.

Not so long ago I did a 65 mile charity bike ride and you guested it… no payback!

Saul Levitt is an Advanced Mickel Therapy Practitioner and trainer, working with clients worldwide including the UK, U.S, Sweden, Australia & Germany.

Thank you to my client Wendy for inspiring me to write this!


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What has changed since starting Mickel Therapy?


by Angela Irving-Brown

When I first heard about Mickel Therapy I was cynical to say the least. I had tried so many supposed treatments, none of which had done more than offer brief periods of respite, at best. I was at the stage of trying to accept the way life had turned out for me and move on. I was getting used to not being able to do things with my son. It was his reality about his mum too. I was trying to get my head round having to work only occasionally and then suffer for days afterwards. I was having to appreciate that, although my relationship had changed beyond all belief, I was still loved, no matter how dependent I was. The falling out when things got too much for either of us was just a part of life.

Luckily, I have a very tenacious partner, called Amanda. She was not willing to give up on the possibility of a solution or a cure. Research was what she did. God bless Google!! (Other search engines are obviously available)

It was her uncompromising determination that there must be more that could be done to help with Fibromyalgia that led her to Mickel Therapy. I had long since subscribed to the UK Fibromyalgia magazine, although the thought of opening it to see more depressing stories about other people’s suffering meant that it went straight to Amanda’s desk. In one of these magazines she saw a small advert for Mickel Therapy. She had already got as far as seeing Fibromyalgia as a problem with the HPA axis so this new type of therapy seemed to make sense. I was having none of it. I was fed up with throwing money after money to just get worse. She bought the book and read it. Then gave it to me to read, like any of that was going to go in with the joys of brain fog!

After much nagging, which she is very good at, and emotional blackmail (again a well-honed skill of hers) I agreed to contact this Mickel Therapist in Warrington. What harm could an hour out of my life do to keep my lovely partner happy? At least I could say I tried. So off I went.

I don’t recall much of the first session but I do know I walked in on two walking sticks feeling lots of pain and brain fog, as well as drug induced confusion from all the medication I was taking. I do know that after that session I reduced my walking support to one crutch. Session two, again a blur, was a week later. After that one I stopped using crutches at all. Did my therapist notice during the next session that I had two free hands? Did she heck! She was totally oblivious.

Over the next few months I found I had energy, I was awake most of the day, I was even doing this strange thing called sleeping when I was in bed. I hadn’t managed that for years. I could start to think about things without getting confused and began to increase my work load. I could go out and walk the dogs. I could even drive a decent distance without excessive pain or tiredness. I was beginning to get back to me.

By completing Mickel Therapy I have regained my life. I am now a happy mum who is able to run around with my son, although at 14 he is a tad fitter than me. I can pan to do things every day of the week without having to have days off, although I DO NOT go to work every day as that would have a major setback in my health. I have even managed to get through major building works on my home without completely relapsing, although it was very trying and required good use of the Mickel Therapy tools I had learnt.

I now know how to read my body and also how to listen to my body. I still have to take pain killers but that is not for Fibro pain, it is for the pain caused by my car accident which started this whole process. I can’t look upon it as a negative as I have gone on to become a Mickel Therapist and hope that I can help someone else find the relief that I have found from Mickel Therapy. As the research base grows and the understanding of the human body continues I believe that the skills we teach in Mickel Therapy will become the norm and, over time, conditions like Fibromyalgia will be all but eradicated. We all need to work hard to get the message out there that our bodies are clever enough to tell us how to be well, we just need to learn to listen to them and take heed of them.

For further information contact Angela at angela.irving-brown(@) or check out

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Just another blog about M.E.

By Dr Francis Teeney



Works at School of Psychology

Queen’s University Belfast


Mickel Therapy practitioner training

Once upon a time there was a man who was really very happy. He was the envy of his friends; his lifestyle was single, lived in the country, healthy living, sport, loads of swimming, yoga, boating, fishing, Friday night in the pub with his friends, a practising Christian and a job that he adored  with great work colleagues. And all this despite being badly injured in an industrial accident in 1994 – not one to lie down but rather overcome obstacles he sought out a job that facilitated his new circumstances and restriction in motor movements and Meniere’s disease. Then one day he took a headache in work – strange for him as he did not really do sickness and never headaches. Someone gave him a couple of headache tablets and he carried on. Next day he tried to drive to work and experienced the strangest and scariest feelings of losing consciousness at the wheel of the car. This was serious and before long he was in hospital – nothing was found and a virus was diagnosed with a week of rest the prescription. Before the week was out he was found lying in his doorway; an ambulance was sent for by his close friends; matters deteriorated beyond belief and a roller coaster of 6 months away from home (and his dogs which were looked after by a neighbour); he ended up being cared for by family and friends as if he was a child. Huge weight loss, confidence crash and every week or so brought a new medical complication into the equation. Vertigo, bladder problems, social phobia, insomnia, aching limbs, brain fog, exhaustion, malaise to name but a few and within a few years had 17 operations. And the complications would come and go; all the while family, friends, medical profession looked on in complete disbelief at the gaunt figure in the bed they used to know as the confident, fun loving comedian who led an idyllic lifestyle. In desperation all manner of people from consultants to faith healers were sought out and all tried but to no avail. The reason I know so much about his person is because it was me.

This story may have started as “Once upon a time” but it is no fairy story. Those who have been exposed to M.E. / CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) will be familiar with many of the descriptions above; those reading about it for the first time will understandably struggle to comprehend how happy families can so quickly become dungeons and dragons. Do not fret if you are struggling with the condition as the global medical profession are in the same position. The uncertainty over cause and treatment is a major obstacle and despite research taking place all over the world we are no further on – or are we? When something sounds wrong and does not sit well with you then a little inner voice tends to let you know.

Fast forward 8 months into the illness. I had tried EMDR; Acupuncture, psychoanalysis, psychotropic intervention and much more. Medical professionals kept dealing with my head (and my inner voice would protest louder and louder as if the surgeon was about to amputate your leg but he/ she was removing the good leg by mistake).

Screen Shot 2011-12-06 at 14.27.24

Then there was the rare occurrence when a medical ‘expert’ would say there was nothing wrong with me and while I was angry at the time a close colleague and mentor  quoted Socrates  ‘The problem is that they do not know that they do not know’. Then I stumbled upon Mickel Therapy – a treatment programme for ME/CFS developed by a Scottish GP Dr David Mickel.

My introduction to Mickel Therapy was different. On the phone this complete stranger (Kyle Davies) truncated my life story without me even speaking – how did he know so much about me and how my life had changed? And the inner voice did not protest – in fact it seemed so at ease with what it was hearing was the cause and effect of M.E./CFS.

We are accustomed to believing that our mind and body are separate having different roles to play. But there are obvious connections. If I think of food then I will create saliva in my mouth. If I am frightened in my mind then it will translate into shallow quick breathing, increase in blood pressure, sweating etc. While these are two simple examples between mind and body consider then if undetected emotions generated deep in the brain were not picked up on, they would have an effect on our body without our knowledge. It is worse if we recognise the emotion and ignore it. Your emotions cannot lie – or at least not nearly as well as your thoughts can. If you are angry, frustrated, bored or fearful with aspects of your life but choose to do nothing about it then the emotions get more intense. More avoidance leads to greater intensity and all the while just as thinking of food creates saliva then the emotions are creating symptoms in the body – getting more extreme all the time. Something has got to give. And thus it was with me – a workaholic who could not say no, refused to lie down, continually running (metaphorically) from one job to the other, then going  to the pool and squeezing in a swim before hurrying to the next engagement before going to sit at the side of a river fishing,  or out on a boat with friends, sitting back enjoying the view, more work and more and more and anything else I could manage within my physical limitations ………….. I forgot to rest; forgot to do things that I wanted to do in my own time; forgot to do things in moderation, forgot that several medical professionals had told me to take it easy as opposed to trying to push myself beyond my physical limits and ignored the symptoms my body was generating with the assistance of my protesting emotions.

And so began my Mickel Therapy with Kyle Davies. Learning to read the emotional signals and acting upon them. Learning to recognise the ‘Liar’ voice in my head that told me I would never get better and seeing it for what it really is – nothing more than a little liar chattering out negative thoughts. I learned to do things that left me emotionally satisfied like the feeling you have after a lovely satisfying meal or after achieving something very worthwhile. Yes it was fraught with challenges and many times I felt like Frodo Baggins at the foot of Mount Doom – I knew what I had to do but was just afraid to do it.

There is a difference between the feelings that arise from our emotions and our picture of them. If the feeling is there, then it is telling you something. The feelings that arise directly out of emotions do not tell lies. Our picture of them is a different thing. It can airbrush out feelings that are there, or tell us that we have feelings that we would like to have, or perhaps were there, but that are not there now. The basis of Mickel Therapy is to let your true feelings/ emotions be your guide. The over activity in your brain’s emotion centres will then settle down and the need to generate  symptoms in the body will pass.

This is a life choice and sometimes life can get in the way of recovery. Recovery can be stalled and thrown off course but the road to recovery lies in being true to yourself and not be the servant of all others. Yes you can still help others – I am not advocating a selfish lifestyle but rather a self first one. Get your ‘self’   emotionally contented  and in moderation you can help others. Your true friends will also keep you right and nudge you when you are on the wrong path – recovery is contagious and many will want to help you.

Some of you may find it difficult to accept how emotions could be at the root cause of ME/CFS – let me give an example. The annual boat race between Oxford and Cambridge witnesses two teams covering the exact same distance and under the exact same conditions –  and roughly exerting the same energy in this encounter. Some years we are treated  to a very close race and a few inches separates the two teams at the finish line. The winning team are jubilant, dancing around, hugging people after just having rowed themselves to their physical limits. The losing team having covered the same distance are exhausted, sometimes have to be lifted from the boat for emergency medical attention, heads down, depressed. The energy exerted was the same for both teams but one enjoys the emotional buzz of winning the other the emotional trauma of losing. One set of emotions creates energy and well-being the other produces exhaustion and despondency. So it is with Energy Disorders such as ME/CFS – the emotional centres in the brain are conveying messages that if not addressed produce exhaustion.

And if you know a little more about ME/CFS now than you did before then this blog was worthwhile. If not then it is just is another blog about M.E.




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