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Here and Now

Here and Now


by Anita Nolan

Mickel Therapy came to my notice through a newspaper article read by chance by my husband several years ago.  I had already been suffering from ME for 10 years – initially too exhausted to take more than a few steps, too tired to hold a conversation, too unwell to attend my 87 year old mother’s second wedding!  Over those years I had tried various alternative therapies with limited success, and at the time of the article I was deeply cynical of any so-called cure.  Since Dr. Mickel was a GP in the town where I had been brought up, however, this personal connection persuaded  me to read his book and eventually to start therapy.

This case of serendipity and that decision were life-changing.  The therapy made me well.  Seven years on I am still well, continuing to use the tools MT taught me, and now teaching these tools as a practitioner to others.

And so I constantly sing the praises of this simple effective therapy.  What strikes me above all is the ‘here and now’ element within it.   In my own case the two probable main contributors to my illness –  i.e persisting in the wrong career and suppressing a close family issue –  had both passed into history long before I started MT.  Yet I was still ill, and it was only by learning to deal with all emotion correctly on a day-to-day basis from that point onwards that good health returned.

MT therefore deals with life in the present, and the present as it will be in the future.  No matter how much emotional energy has been blocked in events long gone, the therapy, by dealing with the here and now, releases that energy and allows the body to do what it constantly strives to do – bring itself back to health.

Anita Nolan


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“Laugh as much as you can and don’t give up”

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It worked for ME!

It worked for ME!In the midst of my darkness and despair, one person took my hand and led me to a switch, and the long dark tunnel filled with light. In an instant, the darkness was gone! It suddenly became clear that the darkness was not the problem. The real problem was the absence of a second element. That element was light. Instead of becoming fascinated by the darkness, together we concentrated on bringing in the light and eventually I managed to run out of that long dark tunnel! Continue reading

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