I just wish I could tell everyone with M E/ Chronic Fatigue there is a cure

j and b pic testimonialAs a result of Mickel therapy I have my life back. I could never have done this without my Mickel Therapist Catherine Wray.

My story started with what my GP said was only a virus. I struggled on for 4 months thinking it’s only a virus; I will soon get over it. On 14.2.13 I could no longer continue to work. I had such joint pain and fatigue. I contacted my private health care, who did lots of tests. They stated I did have a kidney infection and bacteria in my stomach called H pylori.

However, I did not feel better after a course of tablets. The consultant felt I may have a condition called M E or Chronic Fatigue. When I went back to see him on 8.5.14, I had not recovered and I still had such joint pain and fatigue. The consultant confirmed I had M E. He stated some people recover and some do not and that there was no treatment and no cure. At this point I was very depressed and searched the internet for help. I found the Mickel Therapy site and was very interested in the success stories. I kept reading them and felt I had to try whatever I could to get well. I had worked for the same department for 29 years. However, because I could not give a date to return to work I was at risk of losing my job.

I decided to email the Mickel site. I was told they did not have a therapist locally to me but that the therapy worked just as well by internet and telephone. My first appointment was with Catherine Wray in June 2013. She spoke with such confidence that I could recover and have a full and happy life again. Within a few appointments I could walk my dog again, which I love, and cycle. I was able to be awake for more than an hour a day. I went back to work 1 month after my first appointment. At first I did 5 hours a day and often rested when I got in. However, Catherine said I could still have the energy to exercise or do what I wanted after work and still feel well. She was right, I got the energy to go ice skating with my Nephew and roller skating. I walked over the 02 building in Greenwich, and also went up the Shard. I have had several holidays and sometimes walked up to 8 miles a day.

Catherine was always there and, at times, I felt the symptoms return. I contacted her urgently and she always got me back on track. She helped me at short notice and got several emails to say ‘help’! She always explained what I needed to do to get well again. I will never forget the help she has given me.

I have my life back. I just wish I could tell everyone with M E/ Chronic Fatigue there is a cure. You can get well again with the help of a Mickel Therapist.

I have nearly been back to work a year now without a day off sick. I could never have done this without Catherine. She supported me so much and listened to me; giving me advice whenever I needed it.

I have confidence in my future now and plan more exciting things to do. At times my family have said ‘slow down you, are wearing us out with all you want to do’. My saying is ‘no one will clip my wings, I want to fly’. I have several plaques in my garden that remind me. To live the life you love. Also be in love with your life today and always. These make sense now.

J aged 47 from Kent


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