“How can someone ever say that within 6 weeks they are free? That’s truly how I feel! Completely free!”

What can I say?! How can someone ever say that within 6 weeks they are free? That’s truly how I feel! Completely free! I have always suffered from SAD, depression, anxiety, fear, fatigue in one shape or another, and finally pain not only in my joints but in my muscles which was unexplained, from as long as I can remember.  After seeing numerous doctors, asking a million questions, taking unknown number of blood tests, and still getting nowhere, I was DESPERATE to get an answer on what was going on with me.  I decided to research ME, CFS, and FM and found that I had some of each of those symptoms, but nothing concrete. Having written all of my symptoms down, I brought them up with my doctor and, again, was told that I’d have to have had these symptoms for ‘X’ amount of years before I would get a diagnosis, and that it was a “rule everything else out” diagnosis.

Well, I couldn’t just sit back, suffering as I was, for endless amount of years in order to finally get help. I decided to call Angela Wilson. She and I have known each other for 18 or so years, and I knew her when she had terrible fatigue and was largely bedbound. I knew that she could at least help me to understand what was going on with me.  Although my husband and I moved on several years later, we still kept in touch with Angie through Facebook. One day, she wrote that she had just finished a 3 mile hike with no pain or fatigue. I was shocked, having known that she couldn’t possibly do that the way she was when I lived near her. But she had completed Mickel Therapy and this was the result.

So, when I was going through the same thing, I knew who to talk to. Angie was a living testimony that this works! During our conversation she said that it sounded to her that I indeed had the same things she had dealt with all those years ago. She told me all about Mickel Therapy and told me to go on the website and watch the video. I was shocked. It was describing me in a nut shell. The next time we chatted, she asked if I would be interested in doing Mickel Therapy. Of course I jumped at it! I said that I would do ANYTHING to get well. (Mind you, I wasn’t going to sell my soul to the devil because that is not our way, but she knew I was very serious and ready to start.)

I jumped on everything she taught me with huge determination from the very first word. I started with her on the 1st of June and was well, complete and free on the 19th of July. I remember saying that I didn’t realise how ill I actually was until I wasn’t ill any more. She knew I was well again. I have NO PAIN, NO FATIGUE, NO ANXIETY OR DEPRESSION, and have been back to doing all of the things that I used to do. I’m exercising every day, meeting up with friends, singing in two choirs, doing family things, and look forward to doing a lot more. Everything about Mickel Therapy is awesome! I am proud to say that I am living proof that it works. I am planning to train to be a Mickel Therapist because I believe in it so much.

Even if she wasn’t a friend, I’d recommend Angela Wilson to anyone who has these issues. Angie is very dedicated in helping others and is so passionate about the fact that Mickel Therapy heals. She simply gives her clients her ALL. Angie is loving, kind, truthful, helpful, patient, professional and will not give up on you. She says that it’s because of MY hard work that I am well again, but I feel that if it weren’t for her guidance and determination with me I wouldn’t have seen improvement at all. Thank you Angela for showing me the way to wellness through Mickel Therapy! It truly works!

Julie Wolverson
Leyland, Lancashire
February 2019

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