I wish I had known about Mickel Therapy years ago…..

After many years of poor health, I was finally diagnosed with ME/Fibromyalgia.  I had tried every treatment possible to improve my symptoms – nutrition advice, acupuncture, stress reduction techniques, herbs, minerals, hair testing, metal allergy testing…the list is endless!

I heard about Mickel Therapy through a friend.  I was very reluctant to try out yet another therapy, from a different school of thought.  I had  already invested so much money, with little improvement to my health.  My expectations were now low, to protect me from further disappointment.

I was now at the stage where I had to take a year off work.  It was then I decided to email Fiona Watson  along with all my reservations about trying out another therapy!

All I can try to get across is just what a fantastic therapist Fiona Watson  is.  From the outset, Fiona took the time to call me, to discuss in detail, the therapy and my reservations.    As someone who had also lived with an energy disorder, she understood all my concerns. She also reassured me that  Mickel Therapy deals with the here and now rather than delving into the past which I had done before.   Her reassurance, understanding, compassion and absolute belief that things could change for me, compelled me to meet with her.

Fiona is a passionate teacher.  She is able to break down complex concepts into simple steps to the point that I actually thought she was a teacher before she became a therapist.  She teaches you the tools to get well, stay well and surpass the healthy state you once knew.   She has so much patience, empathy and positivity and above all she really cares.

Before Mickel therapy, I was in pain every day and so tired that I would fall asleep in the afternoon.

After 1 session with Fiona I can honestly say I was able to do activities that I had been unable to do for a long time.  Within 4 sessions I felt really well again – I felt like myself for the first time in a long time.  I started running again, I met friends out for drinks, I had friends round for dinner and I even ended up out dancing until the early hours of the morning!!   I was enjoying life in a way I hadn’t for years.  I felt in such safe hands with Fiona that I tried out things I would never have dreamt of before as I knew she was there to support me if things didn’t go to plan. Whenever I had any minor relapses, which is all part of the learning process, I was able to apply the tools Fiona taught me and get back on track within a matter of hours.   I got engaged just after starting the therapy.  I felt so well/full of energy that we decided to plan the wedding within a few months!  Throughout the organising and a couple of very stressful situations, I have stayed healthy and well.

Now 5 months on, I feel so much better than I have in years.  I could never have achieved what I have without Fiona Watson and I am so grateful to her.

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