New year resolution – explore alternative treatment for my CFS!

On January 1st 2014 I contacted the Mickel therapy office. By mid January I had my first consultation with my Mickel therapist. To my amazement I found that after this 1 hour session – most of which was spent listening carefully – I experienced a significant health improvement. To my astonishment, this improvement has proven to be sustained.

It was in Summer 2010 that I finally acknowledged that I was suffering from recurring and deteriorating debilitating symptoms. Following consultation with medical advisors specialising in ME, CFS and tropical diseases, and after extensive blood tests and CT scan, I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Symptoms (CFS). I found that the condition was little understood, and medical advice was that time alone seemed to be the best treatment which was available. I found useful additional on line advice from CFIDS Association of America

I followed medical advice , but over the period to end 2013 my symptoms continued. My activities and relationships continued to be meaningfully constrained.

I am now aged 56. Throughout my life until 2010 I have always been privileged with high energy levels and enjoyed packing as much as possible into each day e.g. busy family life with 3 children, endurance running and triathlons, running a dynamic 25 person business, and involved in numerous commercial and social enterprises, and committees.To find myself requiring to withdraw from almost all of these activities by mid 2011 was a major blow, and so difficult. I also found that I was no longer able to maintain my wide range of friendships and considerable strain was placed on my wife of 25+ years.

By nature I would be dubious of alternative therapies, and in the past I would have always relied on conventional, clinically proven medicine for medical issues. In this case, with only health deterioration over three and a half years, there seemed to be nothing to be lost from exploring alternative therapies. Of the options I considered, I was particularly drawn to Mickel therapy as it had been established by a medical GP.

Every day is a fresh day and I don’t take it for granted that my renewed health will continue. However with each additional day I become increasingly confident that I really have recovered from CFS….something which seemed so unlikely just 4 months ago!

My Mickel Therapy treatment consisted of 6 one hour sessions, some conducted by Skype.

Based on my personal experience I would commend Mickel therapy to anyone suffering from CFS.

DG 16.4.14

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